Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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Orochimaru's Bite

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'I can't tell him that using Yuhi clan's technique I turned off his instincts and then threw a chakra-covered kunai with an explosive talisman attached to it. As long as my ability to manipulate my opponent's instincts stays hidden from people, I can have them take physical damage and make them think that it's only an illusion. The genjutsu broke in this case because Orochimaru instantly realized that he physically took damage as well.' Yami thought. He wasn't sure if he would be able to effectively manipulate Orochimaru's instincts but luckily even one of the legendary Saninn was affected by that technique.

Seeing that no reply came from Yami, Orochimaru's curiosity continued to grow. He knew he didn't have long before someone finds out about him.


Outside the forest of death

Anko was sitting on a wooden platform having some Dango. Beside her stood one of the shinobis who brought the kids from the academy to the forest of death.

As Anko was eating a figure body flickered at some distance from her. Seeing the figure Anko looked up and asked "I told you not to bother me unless there is something really important."

The figure was just one of the Konoha guards but he seemed a bit more skilled as compared to other gate guards like Kotetsu and Izuma.

"Miss Anko it is really important. One of the participants was found dead."

Listening to that Anko raised her eyebrows in annoyance and said "It's common for participants to die during the chunin exams. Was the one who died a genin of our village?"

The guard shook his head and said "No the one who died was from the hidden mist."

Anko's annoyance increased twofold after hearing this as she said "Then why are you getting so worked up?"

The guard hesitated for a few seconds and said "Because the one who died has been dead for 8-10 hours but that same person participated in the chunin exams a few hours ago. And the way this person is killed is really strange but something we have seen before." the guard pulled out some papers which could be the dead boy's report.

Anko quickly understood what the guard was trying to say as she stood up and took the papers from the guard's hands. She glanced at them for a few seconds as her eyes widened and her hands started shivering a little.

"It's definitely him." she muttered. The expression of fear vanished from her face instantly and a look of determination and anger appeared on it. She quickly turned toward the direction of the forest of death and said "What is he doing in the forest? This is just Chunin exams."

Looking back at the guard she ordered "Quickly prepare a team. We need to go inside the forest and make sure not many people other than Hokage-sama and a few Jonins know about this. The last thing we need is a wave of panic spread out across the village when we have foreign shinobis here."

Anko then turned toward her subordinate and said "Get me a detailed list of the participants that entered the forest. If we can narrow down who Orochimaru will target, we can prevent a disaster from befalling our village."

Anko was worried that Orochimaru may have come to kidnap or kill someone important from another village. If something like that happens then it could become the spark that lits the fire of war between two countries. Seeing the serious mood, the subordinate hurriedly left as well.

"I will catch you today Orochimaru and make you pay for your crimes." Anko muttered while gritting her teeth. The sorrow of being betrayed by your own teacher is not something a shinobi can forget. Anko also knew the numerous unspeakable crimes Orochimaru had committed while she was naive enough to think that her teacher was kind at heart. Anko subconsciously touched the curse seal mark left by Orochimaru on her shoulder near the neck.


In the depths of the forest of death, Yami could be seen with a bloody sword in his hand standing in front of Orochimaru whose fake skin mask was half burnt. Orochimaru still thought that Yami hadn't recognized him.

As they were staring at each other, Orochimaru suddenly looked in a different direction. Yami knew that this direction is where the entrance of the forest of death is and that means a search party has been dispatched to look for Orochimaru.

" I hate to cut our meet short" Orochimaru said with a sly smile on his face as his neck extended from his shoulders like a snake. Yami was truly surprised to see this. He knew that this is how Orochimaru bit Sasuke in the canon but now seeing it in person was really creepy to a whole new level. He was thankful that he hadn't seen Orchimaru come out of his own mouth as if shedding his old skin.

This whole time Yami had his Sharingan active so he could see the head coming toward him but he still didn't react. Orochimaru bit Yami on the shoulder near his neck and after a second he retracted his read. Yami wanted to react by slashing his sword instantly as Orochimaru bites but the pain that came as he bit was tremendous. Yami hadn't experienced such internal pain before. His arm felt so numb that he dropped the sword to the ground. He immediately went on one knee as he held the bitten area with his other hand and winced in pain.

"You even outperformed in this matter Yami. All those who have received this gift from me, have been in enough pain to wail loudly and roll on the ground in pain but you seem to be holding surprisingly well."

He then again looked in that direction and said "Looks like I will have to take my leave. Experience the power my gift will give you and if you want more then come and find me...Yami Uchiha." Orochimaru said as he ran away deeper into the forest.


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