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It has been a few days since Yoru was brought back, and the fact that there is another Uchiha present in Konoha's camp has not attracted much attention. After all, war is still ongoing, and most people are thinking about how to survive and end the war.

Due to the testimony of Asuma and Shisui, and the fact that Yoru has the blood of Uchiha and he even planned to run away but was forcibly captured by Shisui, Yoru's identity as Uchiha's bereaved family can be considered solid.

In fact, it is impossible not to admit it. Because the most important identity to identify him as an Uchiha is the bloodline and Sharingan. Moreover, the transplanted Sharingan will put a burden on the body, so it was not considered. Coupled with the badge obtained from Yoru, his identity has been determined as one of the descendants of the Uchiha who chose to self-exile.

If Yoru was just an ordinary ninja, the Uchiha higher-up wouldn't have much interest in this matter, but the critical point was that Yoru was only a little worse than Shisui, the rising star of the Uchiha clan.

Due to the sudden arrival of Yoru, he was assigned as a medical ninja, yes, a medical ninja, his job is to treat the wounded and not engage in important things.

'This may be one of the precautions taken by higher-ups to observe me for the time being.' thought Yoru as he healed the broken arm of one of the ninjas.

"Ah! Thank you." said the Konoha ninja as he bowed down slightly.

Yoru then started to treat others as he thought about the war. After a series of tactical arrangements, Konoha gradually gained an advantage in the war against Iwagakure. But due to the sudden participation of the village hidden in the mist, the war will continue. For the time being, Konoha had also put some force on Kirigakure.

It was at this time that a message came, Hatake Kakashi's teammate Rin was killed. For many this news was nothing. After all, so many people die every day in the war. But for some, the news came as a huge blow.

In a dark cave, Uchiha Obito seemed like a broken doll. His eyes were dull and he seemed to have lost his soul. The scene of Kakashi killing Rin was constantly playing in his mind. He had awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan and killed the mist shinobi but unfortunately, he couldn't get his Rin back. He didn't even know how he returned to Madara Uchiha.

Seeing that, Madara who had directed everything began to instill his ideas in Obito. Under the huge blow he had received, Obito accepted the ideas of Madara. It's just that he is a little confused at the moment.

While still wallowing in the loss of his love, Obito keenly sensed a new visitor in the shadows.

"Who?" Obito turned around and yelled.

"It seems that you are recovering well." Yoru walked out of the shadows.

"You are?"

"Another person who wants to create a new world."

"Obito, he is our companion, Uchiha Yoru." Madara introduced Yoru's existence to Obito.

The reason Yoru appeared here is due to Madara's notice. After seeing how Yoru mixed into Konoha, he felt that bringing Yoru over might strengthen Obito's awareness of his job from now on.

"Companion! I don't need them now." Obito said grimly.

Just now, his best friend killed his crush. The moment Rin died, Obito's heart also died, and he had decided he no longer needed a companion.

"That's right! It's better not to. Once there is a connection between people, they will be bound by the invisible fetters. Because of these invisible fetters, we will become sad when our companion dies. We are not companions no matter who we become in the future. After the death of one of us, the rest just need to accomplish our common goal and not cry for each other." Yoru calmly stated his views regarding their relationship.

His words brought a higher awareness to Obito, and at the same time, Madara also felt the same way. Madara also believed in Hashirama as a comrade but in the end...

Because the death of a comrade will cause sadness, it will be better to not have a comrade from the beginning, so that at least they will not feel sad about losing them.

"What do you know? How can you? You, who just stand in the shadows calmly, have nothing to do with this. How do you understand I feel? Rin died and she was killed by one of the people closest to me." Obito who has yet not eased from previous sadness lashed out.

He was constantly thinking about the Rin, the only one who believed in him. Rin, who accompanied a loser like him and treated him as a friend. Why did she have to die? Why not someone else?


Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?

Countless why, but he has no answer.

At this moment, Yoru spoke, his eyes darkening, his voice still calm.

"Obito, who do you think killed the person you love? Is it really Kakashi?"

Yoru's question hit his heart like an arrow.

"..." Obito was silent.

Rin was the person he loved while Kakashi was his best friend. Rin liked Kakashi, and Kakashi killed Rin. He instinctively didn't want to resent Kakashi, his friend, but after Rin died, the anger in his heart had nowhere to vent. Now he needs a goal, a goal to fill his heart.

And Yoru was the one who gave him this goal. Yoru answered the question in place of Obito.

"No, it's not. Kakashi is one of the victims of this tragedy. It was this war that really killed Rin." said Yoru his voice having a bewitching tone to them.

After all, it's the part of the truth, albeit a bit twisted one.




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