Naruto Taught By Aizen (TL)

Naruto is a Kyubi’s Jinchuriki from Konoha. One day he woke up in a sealed space and met Aizen from the Shinigami world. He accepted Aizen's teachings, once a gentle and refined child, but now he has become ambitious and deep-minded. No one stands in the sky from the beginning, whether it's Hokage or the God of Ninja World. Naruto’s ambition is to stand in the sky with the power he learns from Aizen! Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 30 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://www.p atreon.com/ThePirate Our community on discord: discord. gg /t66agbE

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We are invincible

In the Pure Land.

Naruto stood in the sky, quietly looking at the endless desert below him.

The corners of his mouth held a smile.

From today onwards.

He would be completely rid of Konoha's identity.

He would become the king of the Pure Land!

The Reiatsu in his body poured out completely, and the Kyōka Suigetsu around his waist trembled non-stop.

Haku and the others respectfully retreated behind Naruto, looking at his back full of reverence.

This kind of Reiatsu was enough to crush everyone.

Weng. Naruto's thoughts were once again sucked into the mysterious space of Zanpakutō.

But this time, the space was full of vitality, and countless streams of light streaked across the sky.

As his state of mind became clearer, he felt refreshed, and the control of Reiatsu in his heart seemed to be more relaxed.

It only meant that he had been promoted twice since he had lost the restriction of Konoha.

Naruto looked ahead, and the black-robed man, Hollow and Haku stood respectfully to one side.

On the cold and exquisite throne, there was a shining cold Zanpakutō.

Sword's light circulated, and the flowing light in the entire space changed along with the War Soul Sword.

This was his true Zanpakutō.

Even the calm Naruto could not suppress the surging emotions in his heart at this moment.

He arrived in front of the throne, and under all the respectful gazes, he pulled Zanpakutō out.

"Boom!" The entire space collapsed, and at the same time, a sandstorm danced in the pure land, and countless Reishi surged.

The ball of light that symbolized the soul was fleeing in panic.

The entire pure land seemed to welcome the end of the world, and all of Reishi madly rushed towards Naruto.

"What a terrifying Reiatsu!" Haku and the others looked at Naruto's god-like back in shock.

They could feel that Naruto's aura was constantly rising, and there seemed to be a trace of it in the underworld.


The storm stopped, and Reishi regained his calm. Naruto opened his eyes, and his blue eyes were flowing with Haku's light.

His pupils were bright, making it impossible to look straight at them.

Just by looking at them, one would feel fear in their hearts.

"Everyone, from Konoha to the Pure Land, from humans to Shinigami, we have achieved a leap in life." Naruto's tone was indifferent.

"We are destined to die at the beginning of our lives. The outcome is often determined before the beginning."

"Living is a level of restriction."

"When we cross the dimensions of life, we are destined to set off a magnificent color in this meaningless world."

"Humans will welcome an unprecedented evolution!"

Naruto's gaze swept across everyone's faces.

They were either devout, determined, or excited.

Each person had a different birth and fate.

They had even died once.

After becoming Shinigami, they had all obtained new life.

The one who was the most emotional was none other than Yondaime.

He had personally witnessed his own bloodline walk up to the point where it stood against all of Shinobi world, possessing the power to crush everything, and building a power that belonged to him.

There was sadness, pride, and determination in Minato's heart.

From today on, he would become the Sword in Naruto's hands.

Even in the face of Konoha, he would never be soft-hearted.

Rock Lee should be the most excited person.

He had decided to follow Naruto since he was a child.

He was also the one who witnessed Naruto gradually walking on the opposite side of Konoha and becoming the king of the Pure Land.

His heart was suddenly filled with a kind of heroic feeling.

"With the Pure Land as the center, build Hueco Mundo, build the backbone!"

"Turn Oni no Kuni into Quiet Spirit Court and create 12th Division."

"From today on, we will face the entire Shinobi world."

Naruto reached out and pointed at the Pure Land.

"Boom." Countless Reishi gathered and built a huge Haku colored castle.

It was so conspicuous and sacred in the Pure Land.

"With Hueco Mundo and Oni no Kuni as the center, declare war on all of Shinobi world!"

"We are invincible ahead."

Konoha, Hokage's office.

"Recently, Oni no Kuni directly closed all the borders. No merchants are allowed to enter or leave." Tsunade soon received a message about Oni no Kuni.

In the previous incident where Konoha was ignited, the identity of Naruto's subordinate was basically confirmed.

Among them was Oni no Kuni's priestess, Shion.

Shion had the right to control the country, which also meant -

Oni no Kuni was one of Naruto's forces.

All along, Oni no Kuni had always been a very small village in the eyes of Konoha.

But after this, the danger level of Oni no Kuni undoubtedly soared.

"We can't wait for Oni no Kuni to become stronger." Tsunade was anxious.

Just the ability of Hollow and Sword had given Konoha a headache.

If they just sit by and do nothing, what if Oni no Kuni mass-produced Hollow?

Ordinary Ninja could not do anything to Hollow at all.

If Naruto formed Hollow's army, then the entire Shinobi world would be covered in charcoal.


Naruto and Orochimaru also worked together. With Orochimaru's scientific research ability, the man-made Hollow should not be too difficult.

What made Konoha even more afraid were the top fighters under Naruto, Kyubi, and Minato.

Right now, only Jiraiya and Tsunade, two powerful experts, could not compete with Konoha.

After losing Danzo and Sandaime, Konoha had weakened to an unimaginable degree.

That was why Tsunade asked Jiraiya to teach Sasuke. Although Uchiha's secret was like a sharp blade hanging on Konoha's neck, and could push Sasuke to betray him at any time.

Konoha had no other choice.

They could only choose to believe in Jiraiya and Sasuke.

The only good news was.

Tsunade had completely grasped Root and Anbu, and he had absolute right to speak to Konoha.

At this moment, Konoha was unprecedentedly united.

In Oni no Kuni.

The atmosphere was peaceful, and the villagers lived and worked.

Not long ago, Zabuza and Haku brought two children through the forest to Oni no Kuni.

The strength of the entire Oni no Kuni had increased by leaps and bounds.

If it was just Kage-rank alone, he would definitely surpass all the Ninja Villages.

The residents of Oni no Kuni found that after the border closed, the number of guards in the town increased a little. At the same time, they would often see unfamiliar faces.

Those faces were all respected by the guards.

They called those unfamiliar faces "Captain".

The palace where the witches lived also seemed to be covered with a mysterious veil, and one could only see the illusion of Hollow with their bare eyes.

The palace was shrouded in a strange energy, which made people fear and dare not approach.

Occasionally, one could see the barefoot priestess strolling on top of the palace, his entire body shrouded in beautiful purple light.

The moonlight fell lightly, and from the beginning of the palace, there seemed to be a strange energy rippling.

This scene that was like a miracle caused the residents to feel fear in their hearts. They knelt down and prayed, and some people discovered that the guards guarding the temple every day were different.

After a period of time, they might appear in the same appearance, and there was an aura that ordinary people could not get close to.

But the more likely possibility is that the guard will never be seen.

I don't know when it began, but there was a rumor about the Quiet Spirit Court in Oni no Kuni.

The king will establish the Quiet Spirit Court in Oni no Kuni and give the title of the strong Captain Shinigami Division.

As long as you can become the Captain of the Division, whether it is money or rights, it is easy to get.

Most importantly, one could possess a life that transcended humanity.

As for priestess, he had opened up a passageway between Hueco Mundo and Quiet Spirit Court, and there would be an unending stream of experts joining Oni no Kuni.

Oni no Kuni was destined to become Shinobi world's strongest strength in the future, and rule over Shinobi world!

Above priestess was a king that ruled over Oni no Kuni and Hueco Mundo.

He possessed supreme power, even surpassing the shackles of life to achieve eternal life.

As long as he could obtain the favor of the king, he could obtain great power and life.

Through the spread of various aspects and various classes, these rumors became more and more intense.

Under priestess' silent recognition, Oni no Kuni's residents believed these messages and yearned to transcend the life of humans.

Many of the townspeople were kneeling on the stone bricks not far from the temple, praying for the favor of the king.

The other villages did not know about the change in Oni no Kuni. They were still immersed in the shock of Konoha being almost destroyed by an S -class traitor.

Hidden Cloud, Rock Village, and Kirigakure were all eyeing them, sending Ninja to gather information.

Once they found that Konoha had weakened to the point that they could suck blood, they would not hesitate to attack.

After all, even if they were defeated, they could still be compensated.

Konoha's weakness in recent years was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Only the dark Root would make them a little afraid.

In recent years, Root and Ninja had always caused a lot of trouble for the villages.

It was no exaggeration to say that if there was no Root, Shinobi world's war might have already begun.

According to the intelligence, Shimura Danzo, the leader of Root, was suspected to have died in this rebellion.

If this was true, then the current Konoha would really be weakened to a new level.

Tobi, who was also Uchiha, had the same idea as these villages.

After seeing Kakashi kill Rin with his own hands, he decided to create a world with Rin.

Collect Kyubi, become the Jubi Jinchuriki, release Tsukuyomi, and control all of Shinobi world.

Originally, everything was progressing perfectly with the plan.

The leader of Akatsuki, Nagato, was deceived as planned and decided to make the world feel pain.

When he collected the ten tails, it would be the time of his death.

To Obito, Nagato was just an innocent and naive little brat.

He only needed to use a little trick to make him a high-level worker.

In terms of intelligence, Obito was not much worse than Shikamaru. One must know that in the original work, even Uchiha Madara was fooled by him.

He thought that the Tsuki no Me would go as smoothly as he thought.

However, he did not expect that Jinchuriki, who was in the critical stage, would make a mistake.

"Super Kage-rank, Uzumaki Naruto? Kyubi also left Konoha?" Obito murmured, his eyes shining with a dangerous light.

"What a terrifying fellow. A genius like him can not be allowed to develop freely."

"If he was still Jinchuriki, he could prolong his death. But now... hmph, let's just kill him."

The corners of Obito's mouth curled up in a cold arc.

So what if Naruto was a genius? The current him was not someone he could resist.

Rin, wait for me. I won't let anyone destroy your resurrection!

We will forever be together.

Obito subconsciously touched his eyes, his eyes fierce.

According to the information that Haku obtained after his death, Obito soon arrived at the border of Oni no Kuni.

Looking at the ancient country in the yellow sand, he smiled coldly and merged into Sunaarashi.

Obito hid himself as an ordinary citizen and walked in the small town.

This was the time when Sunaarashi was spreading.

The yellow ancient country was shrouded in Sunaarashi, and one could vaguely hear the solemn Sanskrit.

It was mysterious and terrifying.

What was even more strange was that the passersby all looked at the palace with reverence and faith.

Obito had seen countless Ninja Villages, but Oni no Kuni was the only one who made the residents worship him so much.

"Yesterday, Lord priestess released a miracle again. My waist acid over the years has actually eased a lot."

"Me too. It is said that all of priestess' abilities were bestowed by God."

"Now, God lives in the Divine Hall!" Dai Tu listened to the discussions of the villagers and became even more confused.

"I really want to join the Quiet Spirit Court. The neighboring Ito Village will be added to the Quiet Spirit Court in the next few days. I am so envious."

"Yes, I heard that only the successful evolution can be added to the Quiet Spirit Court."

"I heard that every evolved person has the power to surpass Ninja. The blond man who came to the big street last time is the captain of the team in the Quiet Spirit Pavilion."

"Our Oni no Kuni is really getting stronger and stronger."

"There seems to be a miracle ceremony later..." The two pedestrians walked further and further away, and Obito's expression gradually became solemn.

Oni no Kuni was even stranger than he thought.

Everyone would have a sense of belonging to their own village or country.

A sense of belonging depended on the environment and treatment of the country.

Humans were materialistic creatures. As long as they enjoyed good treatment, they would naturally have a very high sense of belonging to the country.

However, the living environment of Shitu Temple's Oni no Kuni was also ordinary. It was always surrounded by Sunaarashi, and the residents were still living in peace. However, no matter how one looked at it, they could not compare to Konoha.

However, the residents had a very high sense of belonging to Oni no Kuni, and they also had a high faith in God.

Although Konoha Village also worshipped Hokage, it was not to the extent of faith.

According to the residents, God's Apostle priestess even released a miracle, slowing down the illness of the body.

Was this Genjutsu?

Or was it some kind of medical Ninjutsu?

With such a question in his mind, he wandered among Oni no Kuni, perfectly avoiding all the guards' probing.

He saw that the residents were all satisfied with their current lives.

The young people were eager to join the Quiet Spirit Court and gain new power.

It was said that talented people could break through the boundaries of humans.

Obito came to the small tavern, drinking while listening to the discussions of the residents.

"Oni no Kuni is really mysterious. Is Uzumaki Naruto the god they speak of?" Obito thought to himself with a dark look in his eyes.

To be able to control a country perfectly, this Uzumaki Naruto is a good son.

It should be said.

As expected of Sensei's son.

But because he was Sensei's son, he wanted to kill him even more.

Although Rin was killed by Kakashi, Sensei, as a strong Kage-rank, did not protect his disciple well.

He should also be attached to a certain responsibility.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Just as Obito was lost in his thoughts, the entire Oni no Kuni suddenly reverberated under the huge bell.

The three bell sounds were melodious and shocking, and it made people feel a sense of fear in their hearts.

"Is this bell that has been blessed by Chakra?" Obito discovered that all the residents in the wine club had knelt down, their faces full of devotion.

Only he stood where he was.

Obito frowned and walked to the door, only to find that the newcomers on the street were already kneeling on the ground. After a moment of hesitation, he also pretended to kneel reverently, secretly observing these residents.

He found that the entire world seemed to ripple and then shattered like a mirror.

In his shocked eyes, a huge temple appeared at the end. priestess, Shion, stood on the temple and put his hands together. Countless holy lights filled the temple and fell into the town like fireworks.

As the holy light fell, countless residents cheered with tears in their eyes.

"Thank you, Goddess, for your gift."

"Thank you, Spirit God!"

The entire Oni no Kuni fell into a fanatical belief.

Feeling the extremely infectious atmosphere, Obito was shocked.

He sensed that the holy light that fell down could repair the bodies of many residents.

There was even an indescribable sense of oppression.

What was even stranger was the world that was shattered like a mirror, as well as the shen temple that had suddenly appeared.

"What is this strange Ninjutsu? He can actually create such a large shen temple. Even I did not notice it before."

Obito took a deep breath, not daring to look down on Oni no Kuni.

He was even more fearful in his heart.

Everything that was happening now meant that he had fallen into the illusion.

He had not found the location of the shrine.

"Could it be Kyōka Suigetsu?" He thought.

According to the intelligence, Naruto, Kagami, and Hua Shuiyue could control their vision.

This made Obito puzzled.

Could it be that Uzumaki Naruto had been using this ability all along?

He decided to enter the temple to investigate.

Through Clone, Henge no Jutsu and his own divine might, he successfully arrived in front of the Divine Hall.

The Divine Hall in his line of sight was surrounded by Reiatsu who did not dare to offend, towering and lofty.

Countless guards walked around the Divine Hall, and the goddess who had already finished the ceremony had already returned to the Divine Hall.

After sneaking into the Divine Hall and going through many twists and turns, he finally arrived near the central hall of the Divine Hall.

There, he saw a familiar, incredible figure.


He saw Orochimaru tinkering with a strange device.

It was a device similar to a gene slot, vertical, and could fit a person.

Among them, a dark green Sword floated quietly.

[Using the instrument to materialize Kyōka Suigetsu's ability, it directly covers the entire city, making the temple mysterious. This is the most interesting invention I have ever created. ] After Orochimaru finished tinkering, he smiled and said to himself.

He came to Oni no Kuni a few days ago. After a discussion with Naruto, he combined the simple equipment made from previous research to strengthen the scope of Kyōka Suigetsu.

He only needed to input Reiatsu into the equipment every day.

It was very convenient.

"Thank you for your hard work." Goddess Shion walked out. Haku followed behind her with a smile on his face.

"Of course." Orochimaru showed a perverted smile: "To a certain extent, we are also partners. I'm looking forward to Oni no Kuni's development."

[To build a large Kyōka Suigetsu, create a mystery, and use the divine miracle of the Goddess to strengthen the faith of the residents. This series of operations is really eye-opening. I have gained quite a lot from this trip. ] Orochimaru could not help but sigh.

The sense of belonging of Otogakure's villagers was not bad, but compared to Oni no Kuni, it was much worse.

On the one hand, Orochimaru himself did not meddle too much in the affairs of the village, and on the other hand, Oni no Kuni's methods were indeed a bit more brilliant.

Naruto's goal was very obvious. He wanted to build the so-called Kingdom of God and reduce the internal friction of the village as much as possible.

At the same time, it gave everyone a chance to possess power.

Just like how priestess, Shion, no, was prepared to say that it was a miracle released by Goddess Shion.

It was not a simple treatment for Ninjutsu.

Obito listened quietly, hoping to get some useful information.

Shion and the others did not let him down. He chuckled and said,

"Next, we still need to stay for a few more days. The ceremony for the soul transformation is gradually getting on the right track, but there will be signs of rejection every day. All of this needs Orochimaru's research."


How was it a real miracle?

Instead, it was Shion's Zanpakutō ability.

He summoned a malicious spirit and used the power of the ghost to cleanse the entire Oni no Kuni.

It allowed the body of a human to gradually die and the spirit to exist forever.

The residents found that the illness in their bodies had been reduced because their perception of their bodies had become lower and lower.

Unwittingly, they would lose all signs of life and become the so-called souls.

This was the truth of Oni no Kuni.

As Shion and the others went deeper into the story, Obito's eyes widened and his face was full of shock.

He did not expect that Oni no Kuni would actually attempt to turn all his people into souls.

What's the benefit of this?

From their narration, it was not difficult to guess that the soul could have a chance to come into contact with a new energy system.

This made Obito think of Hollow, who had caused a disturbance in Konoha.

Did Naruto want to build Hollow's army?

Suddenly, Obito felt uneasy.

It was because the content of Shion and the others' chat was too detailed.

It was as if...

He was explaining to someone.

Obito immediately thought of retreating.

However, he suddenly heard a gentle smile.

"Long time no see. Since you're here this time, don't leave."

In his line of sight, a familiar blonde man slowly walked out.

"Minato... Minato" Obito's pupils trembled.

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