Naruto Shippuden: Pilgrimage Book

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Naruto Shippuden: Pilgrimage


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(This is the first thing I'm writing so please don't be too harsh with the constructive criticism.) Ths follows a fan of the Naruto shippuden anime when he finds a video on YouTube about interesting game about the anime, the game was a walk through of the entire Naruto shippuden anime but not from the perspective of the canonical characters but a original player character allowing nearly limitless RP potential for the player and that the game is currently on early access. After seeing the video he told his friends and sent them the link only for them to find a rickroll, seeing the responses from his friends he downloaded the game to show them the game, seeing the download time he drew what he wanted his character to look like and went to sleep waiting for it to finish downloading. When our protagonist woke up from his slumber he realized that he was in a terrible situation when he saw a shrouded figure looming over him with red eyes and a blade and at that point he knew that his life would either end or it would never be the same ever again. (I own none of the Naruto shippuden characters that will be in this novel as this is in no way supplementaly related to the story as this is a fan made piece of media.)


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