17 Chapter 16 Training Edited

Hey guys before you read this chapter just wanted to let you guys know I changed some things in chapter 14. Many complained about MC not knowing jutsu and made some good points. So if you go back to reread the chapter you will see that MC now has 2 jutsu In his arsenal.

Something else I've noticed is some don't like the Idea of his personality change. Just to let you guys know he is still the same person not like theirs 2 people inside of him. The eyes affect his emotions similar to the sharingan but instead of fueling him with hate he instead get filled with Pride.

One last thing, I may start a discord soon where I can ask questions about naruto before reading chapters and maybe even pop some ideas off of you guys. I don't claim to know everything about Naruto so thank you everyone that calls me out if I mess some information up I read all the comments so ill definitely fix problems if they come up.


- 13 days later -

Almost 2 weeks have passed since the sealing of the seven tails. Not much has changed but I have noticed slight changes in my body. My physique seems to have been slightly enhanced and I also have much more energy. No wonder Naruto was so hyperactive as a kid! Even I feel like I got ADHD.

Thanks to all this new energy, I've been able to progress much faster in my training under Kuroko. This surprised even him and he has finally decided to teach me the martial art he has been so proud of.

"So you're finally going to teach me how to fight! It's about time sensei don't you know most kids my age already know techniques?"

"Akashi it's not that I didn't want to teach you but that I couldn't. If I had taught you too early then it would have messed up your body's natural growth"

Hmm if it even affected that then it makes sense but still he could have at least taught me some simple fighting styles, but it's whatever I guess.

"Alright, the Taijutsu style I use is one belonging to the Senju Clan. I inherited this from my grandmother who was a Senju and married into the Uzumaki."

Wait the fighting style of Senju? If it's from them it has to be good. They literally fought the Uchiha for hundreds of years. So any style they use has to be good in my book.

"This Taijutsu style relies a lot on physical strength and chakra control. Many of the moves involve punches and kicks. Even if it sounds simple it can only be far from the truth. In the midst of battle, you are going to have to channel your chakra into the point of impact at the very last moment. Doing this can injure the body if not done right."

Wait isn't that basically how Tsunade fights? If before I was interested now he has my complete attention.

"When you say channeling my chakra at the point of impact you don't mean into my muscles right cause that'd be a simple strengthening technique" I said quite confidently as I had already tried experimenting with my chakra in such ways.

"That's right we're not focusing chakra into the muscles but rather outside the body at the point of impact. So in reality you never touch your enemy and are instead hitting them with chakra. Some people say the Hashirama was so strong he was capable of punching a hole into Susanoo though I'm not sure how true that is. Before you start doing those techniques I'm going to need to follow certain katas beforehand. You will also need to up your chakra control."

So basically your smashing precise chunks of chakra into your opponents. I could see why that would be troublesome just look at the Rasengan that technique is also just a chunk of chakra but spun with power and control. Wait speaking of Rasengan if I work on that technique it should also help me with my chakra control, pushing me to a new level. This will also give me a hidden card for the war. I just have to beat Minato to creating this Jutsu, no I gotta surpass him and add change of nature but that'll be for another time.

"Where do I begin sensei!"

With that, I spent the rest of my time practicing katas alongside Kuroko who would help me whenever I performed wrong. Surprisingly the Martial art style carries a great resemblance to Kickboxing and was quite easy to learn when chakra wasn't involved.

In the end, Kuroko informed me to keep practicing whenever I could but that I'd have to increase my chakra control on my own. Little does he know I got just the way and with that made my way into the marketplace to get me some balloons…

- A Few Moments Later -

After buying water balloons I made my way to the training grounds and reserved a spot for the next few hours. Using my mind's eye to make sure no one was around I got ready to begin my secret training art before school started.

"Alright let's do this! What was first again… it was rotation right?" tch it's been so long since I watched the show I might be wrong eh might as well try anyways.

Picking up a water balloon I began to slowly focus my chakra into it. The beginning was difficult since I had never manipulated my chakra outside my body before. Once I felt comfortable releasing my chakra I began trying to rotate it but it didn't seem to work.

Sigh, I knew this would never be that simple this technique usually takes months to learn. Looks like I'm gonna need some help! Luckily I know just the Jutsu

*Shadow Clone Jutsu!*

Next to me, a clone appeared.

Really such a shame, if I had the multi-clone jutsu combined with my and Chomei's chakra, I'd spam so many clones to help. Well looks like I gotta do this the long way by making some more clones manually

*Shadow Clone Jutsu*

*Shadow Clone Jutsu*

*Shadow Clone Jutsu*

Looking at the four clones I made a satisfied face

"Alright you two will begin practicing the katas Kuroko taught us against one another. While I and the other two work on the Rasengan training"

Receiving their orders all clones began their tasks

Still, even with comes this will not be simple not at all. How many months will I invest into learning the Rasengan I wonder. Looks like I have a long road ahead of me but whoever said the path to becoming the strongest was an easy one. Still, I should hurry home school begins tomorrow morning.

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