Naruto: Ninja for Hire

When the hidden leaf village won't let you join the academy why not go in to business for yourself? I know there will be spelling mistakes and I apologise if there are any timeline inaccuracies but nobody is perfect. Also updates might be irregular as I do have to actually work and have a life haha sorry, not sorry.

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Chapter 10: Time skip and meetings - Part 1

"Hire you?"

"Yes, as I told you, I am a free ninja which I know may cause you some concern, but it will also give you opportunities"

"Oh? what opportunities are you referring to?"

"As a free ninja, you can hire me for jobs that you rejected because it put your ninja in danger. I know you will have jobs that are rejected because the pay isn't enough, now you can approve them, you can keep the money they pay you, I only ask for something else in exchange"

"Oh, and what exactly do you want in return?"

"I want you to pay me with information regarding Chakra affinities, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu scrolls. Each one will be dependant on the job you offer, If you give me an A rank mission I will expect either an A rank Jutsu, 2 B rank jutsu, 4 C Rank jutsu or 8 D Rank jutsu. There can be no repeats in information or jutsu given, I must know which you plan to give me as rewards before accepting and I pick which jobs I take, you can offer me jobs but it is up to me if I take the job or not"

"Hmmmm you cannot expect me to give a ninja not belonging to our village jutsu that could then be used to harm us. As you have said you are a free ninja, if another nation decided to hire you to attack the leaf I would be responsible for arming you with the tools to kill my people" It was a fair point I had to agree, however, he had missed the obvious.

"Yes you have a point, however, if you do not and another nation does do you think I would be more or less likely to take a job that harmed the leaf?"

There was a long silence, the Hokage just stared at me, testing my resolve, probably wondering if he should eliminate me now or not, not that he get's his hand's dirty, he would just get his darker half Danzo to do it.

"You don't need to worry about that anyway" I didn't want to die so I let him know.

"Oh how so?"

"Well for one, this is my home, I would have to be pretty stupid to attack it, two, I don't plan on taking sides with the five great nations, If war were to break out I would return to defend the innocent members of the village but I wouldn't take sides"

"And who are the innocent members of the village you speak of?"

"The children, someone has to protect them."

"The leaf village would protect them"

"Yeah right, like you do right now? Do you know how many kids have died in this village and in other villages because of your inaction?" The amount of people Danzo and Orochimaru have killed because of his inaction are more than a few.

The Hokage was silent.

"If you want exact numbers, maybe you should ask your friend Danzo. Oh and you should know that once I'm stronger, if he tries to harm this village or any other for any reason other than self defence or tries to harm me, I will kill him" I knew Danzo wouldn't be able to resist coming after me eventually, I know that when I kill him I won't regret it in the least.

"Danzo has done many things I disagree with, but he has always had the best interests of the village at heart" I didn't know if he really believed that but if he did he was more of a fool than I thought.

"If you really think that, you are more naïve than I thought."

There was a silence between the two of us for a long while before I broke it.

"I will take a while to train before I start to take jobs, I will let you know when I am ready" I knew that taking any jobs before I was strong enough would be suicide.

"Very well take this with you" he passed over a book.

"What is it?"

"Some basic works on chakra natures, control and the like. I hope to see you again soon"

I had put him in a situation where if he would supported me, even if I didn't fight for him I would protect the village in times of need.

I left Kakashi and the Hokage to talk, reminding Kakashi that he now owed me his clan's sword style on the way out, he threw me a scroll containing the Hatake Clan's sword forms and techniques, but said that he had only practiced the basics and wouldn't be much help with teaching.


6 months later

[Light (Discarded Genius)

Body - Chunin- Intermediate

Chakra - Chunin- Intermediate

Bound Sword - Abilities - Getsuga Tenshou - Locked (Jonin Chakra Level Required) - Locked (Kage Chakra Level Required)

Elements - Fire 40% - Water 43% - Earth 37% - Wind 8% - Lightning 3% - Yin 0% - Yang 0%

Kekkei Genkai - ********* (Locked - Requirements Unknown) & **** ***** (Locked - Requires two elements at 50%)

Control - 72%

Allegiance - Self/Hidden Leaf]

I had trained for 6 months without a break, other then sleeping and hunting for food, Kakashi had come to secretly check on me a couple of times a every week, obviously reporting my progress to the Hokage.

My Chakra condensing theory had helped me immensely. Even though my rank had only moved up a single rank, it was as powerful as a Jonin level chakra signature. Thanks to my improved control I could also use less chakra for each attack, depending on how much Chakra I used I could use the Getsuga Tenshou thirty times before I suffered from chakra exhaustion. I had also been infusing my cells with chakra every time I worked on my physical body, it helped with my physical ability and also my regeneration, I could heal from wounds much faster than a normal person, not Naruto fast, but fast.

I had also thoroughly practiced the Hatake sword style and found it to be very direct, it allowed me to use strong swords strikes by enhancing my blade with Chakra, while also increasing the speed of my attacks.

I knew this morning was going to be different as I felt a chakra signature I didn't recognise approach.

'Thud' 'Thud' 'Crack'

Suddenly there was a loud thumping sound accompanied by the sound of wood cracking. My tree house was shaking with every thud heard.

"23" "24" "25"

I looked down to the bottom of the tree to see a young Rock Lee smashing his fists in to the tree over and over again.

I jumped down and grabbed his fist as it was about to hit the tree. "What are you doing to my home?"

"Ahhh what? Who are you?"

"Me? your attacking my home, shouldn't you introduce yourself first?"

"Your home?" He looked up to see my badly made tree house. I say badly to be honest, not matter how much I tried building just isn't one of my skills.

"Ah, I'm so sorry, so sorry. I didn't see your home up there" he bowed over and over apologising.

"Well no harm done I suppose. I'm Light by the way, why are you hitting the tree anyway?" I started to inspect the damage he had done to the tree, his fists could clearly be seen in the marks he left behind. 'Impressive'

"Sorry, yes I'm Rock Lee and I'm training to be a ninja" He answer seriously.

"A ninja? ah you must be really good at ninjutsu and stuff right?" I knew he was terrible at ninjutsu obviously, but I couldn't always just know things otherwise people would get suspicious.

'Especially since I'm being watched almost constantly now' I could feel several people through the day observing me.

"Ah... no, but I will be a ninja only using my Taijutsu" He looked down as he answered, he didn't seem to have his unwavering spirit yet.

"You plan to become a ninja with just your Taijutsu?"

"I know that everyone says it's impossible, but.... I will do it, I will be a great ninja, even if I can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu... I don't care what anyone else says?" He looked down as he spoke, not like the confident ninja I remember from the anime, he was obviously saying this more to himself than to me.

"Well you wouldn't be the first" I saw his eye's gain a little light as I told him.

"What? you mean there are ninja out there who only use Taijutsu?"

"Yeah, there's Might Dai and his son Might Guy. There is also the Taijutsu master Chen"

"Might Dai, Might Guy and Chen?" He was saying their names as if he was engraving the names in his soul.

"Might Dai fought the seven ninja swordsman of the mist and killed four of them only using taijutsu."

"No way"

"Yeah, in my opinion though, Might Guy is the best Taijutsu user to ever exist. If he was to go all out even the five kage working together wouldn't be able to stop him" I gave him a serious answer, I didn't need to sugar coat this at all. I firmly believe that Might Guy is in the top five most powerful ninja alive right now.

"Really? Really? Do you think he would be willing to train me?"

"I don't see why not.... however"

"What? what?"

"You will need to show him your resolve"


"He will need to see you pushing yourself to the limit and then pushing some more because to become a taijutsu specialist you need to push yourself and have an unwavering resolve. You can never give up"

I expected Lee to think about it but he came back to me immediately and said "I understand. I wont ever give up, I will become a ninja"

I gave him a smile. I know the kind of ninja he will grow to be and he will be one of the best.

"Then... how about a spar?"