38 Chapter 38

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"Teacher, goodbye."

Kyomu also waved goodbye to Kakashi and walked back home under the moonlight.

"It's the end of the month again." Kyomu looked up at the crescent moon when he returned home. "I wonder what this randomly refreshed passive skill will be this time?"

Without sleepiness, Kyomu quietly waited in the courtyard, full of anticipation and anxiety for the unknown.

After midnight, the passive skill [Gourmet Critique] disappeared, replaced by a new passive skill.

[Passive Skill: Mastery in Cold Weapons]

[Skill Description: During skill enhancement, all cold weapon damage +200%, cold weapon-related talents +200%, no bottleneck in cold weapon-related advancements.

Note: This passive skill only takes effect when using cold weapons.]

[Skill Duration: 30 days]

[Message: How can a man resist cold weapons? When using them, you must be handsome, fast, ruthless, and unbeatable.]

 Kyomu looked at his newly refreshed passive skill, feeling half joyful and half worried.

The joy was that he could use this passive skill to maximize his proficiency in swordsmanship, throwing techniques, and other cold weapon-related combat abilities to a significantly high level this month.

But the downside was that this passive skill's coverage was too narrow. Kyomu's progress in other aspects of combat would be forced to slow down this month.

"Well, what can I do, passive skills refresh randomly." Kyomu drew out his ninja blade and gestured, "Anyway there are still areas worth developing in cold weapons, such as... the One Thousand Sword Cuts."

With a grin, Kyomu already had a specific training plan for this month in his mind. He looked up at the crescent moon. Kyomu's drowsiness wasn't too heavy; he wanted to take advantage of the freshness of the newly acquired passive skill to focus on his swordsmanship proficiency.

"Training in cold weapons without bottlenecks, it's like the principle of diligence leading to success." Kyomu gripped the sword handle and said, "Let's start with a thousand sword draws and see if we can master the Draw Sword Slash."

Standing in the yard, Kyomu held his breath and focused.


Quickly draw the sword, attack, and sheathe it, all in less than a second.

"Feels okay, let's do it again!" Kyomu couldn't help but nod. "If I can be a bit faster and stronger, can I develop techniques similar to 'Day Tiger' or 'Morning Peacock'?" (T/N: Shishi Sonson!)

After practicing until his arms were sore and unbearable, Kyomu finally stopped.

He washed up and went to bed, and when he woke up the next day, all fatigue from Kyomu's body was gone.

The first morning of the fourth month of enrollment would be a new beginning.

Arriving at the ninja school, greeting familiar classmates, Kyomu looked around to find Kakashi and Obito's whereabouts.

Kakashi probably skipped class again. It was only at the end of the month that he might be seen in the classroom.

As for Obito, this guy was late again, probably because he encountered an old lady or stray animals, so being late was inevitable.

Sure enough, Obito was late again, and his excuses for being late were always the same. The teacher no longer trusted him.

For a whole month, Obito had never been on time, and his reasons were either about animals or helping old ladies. Everyone's ears were almost calloused from hearing them.

Was it because old ladies always popped up just when you were about to be late for school?


But Shuzo no longer got angry with Obito; he simply pointed to the door, "Go, stand outside and come in when it's the second class."

The classroom erupted in laughter, and faintly, you could hear someone shouting 'Uchiha's Shame,' Obito's nickname.

Obito was still next to the bottom of the class, and no one could shake Might Guy's position.

At the end of the day's lessons, nothing particularly noteworthy happened, as usual. However, when school was over, Kyomu approached Shuzo alone.

"Teacher, I plan to apply for early graduation after the New Year and wait until the next semester to graduate."

Opening his mouth, Shuzo finally didn't say anything to dissuade him. "Geniuses like you and Kakashi, continuing to stay in the ninja school is meaningless. Naturally, teacher supports it.

But if you two graduate early, it will create a history for the ninja school since its founding! This is a good thing, but not entirely. I believe with your intelligence, you will understand the pros and cons."

Clearly, Shuzo knew some dirty secrets within Konoha Village, and he was subtly warning Kyomu.

After all, Kyomu was alone and had no family ties, making him too easy to control with such talent.

"I actually wanted to keep a low profile..." Kyomu smiled bitterly and shook his head, "but Kakashi found me and said he would make Mr. Sakumo our team leader."

"I see." Shuzo finally relaxed, smiling at the corner of his mouth. "With Mr. Sakumo supporting you two, it saves unnecessary trouble. Your future is promising!!"

"But I still want to thank Teacher Shuzo for taking care of me during this time." Kyomu bowed deeply. "Without the extra knowledge you gave me, I would not have achieved what I have now."

Shuzo was very pleased. Kyomu's gratitude meant that he remembered the kindness he had shown him.

Patting Kyomu's shoulder, "Good boy, if you encounter any difficulties in the future, just tell the teacher. Although I may not be able to help much, I will do my best."

"There is something I want to ask the teacher for help." Kyomu smiled awkwardly.

"Are you planning to skip class too?" Shuzo understood instantly but didn't say much. He just waved casually, "Go ahead, go ahead. There's nothing more I can teach you here anyway. But one thing must be made clear, you must come by the end of the month. If the exam content is unsatisfactory, teacher won't let you off."

"Don't worry, teacher, I won't fail."

Kyomu bowed again and stood up straight, waving his hand as he ran out of the office, meeting up with Obito, Rin, and Guy waiting outside.

"Will we not see you during the day anymore?" Obito looked gloomy, "Teacher Shuzo is really something, how can he easily agree to let you skip class!"

"Obito." Rin poked Obito, "Considering Kyomu and Kakashi's talents, it's better to spend time on self-training to progress faster."

"I know that, but it just feels like I'm a bit too much of a slacker compared to Kyomu and Kakashi."

Seeing Obito looking gloomy, Kyomu hurriedly stepped forward and patted his shoulder, "After school, we can train together. And when you wake up, I and Kakashi will be ahead of you, but you still can definitely catch up in one go."

"I think so too." Obito smiled again, taking the initiative to hook arms with Kyomu, "Kyomu, let me tell you, I learned a new B-rank fire release ninjutsu today. Do you want to learn?"

"Of course!" Kyomu wouldn't refuse. "But I already know all B-rank fire release ninjutsu."

"B-rank, it's B-rank!" Obito muttered softly, "Have you heard of Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet?"

"Of course, I've heard of it. Its power can be considered top-notch. And Obito can actually master this B-rank fire release ninjutsu alone?"

Obito's expression stiffened, and he shook his head slowly. "I haven't learned yet... I only know the hand seals and chakra flow trajectory of this fire release ninjutsu. There's still a long way to go before I can use it. It requires diligent practice."

Kyomu was not surprised at all. Given Obito's age and current talent, if he could master a B-rank fire release ninjutsu, it would truly be a miracle.

And Kyomu was equally uneasy. He felt it would be difficult for him to master this top-notch B-rank fire release ninjutsu in a short time.

After all, the enhancement range of this month's passive skill was very narrow, forcing Kyomu's efforts to be focused only on cold weapons.

But it wasn't a big problem. First, figure out the hand seals and chakra flow trajectory of Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet, and then slowly practice the rest.

Half an hour later, Kakashi and Kyomu's group assembled, announcing the start of today's lively training.

As usual, they shared their training experiences with each other first, then shared any new knowledge they had mastered. After everyone had taken note, they would pair up or train alone depending on their progress.

Obito and Rin continued to train together, Guy trained his body alone, and Kyomu and Kakashi remained together, either sparring or working on their individual training subjects.

"Is it effective to mechanically swing your sword like that?" Kakashi couldn't help but ask.

"Of course it is." Kyomu improvised, "Simpleness, forge greatness. Even if you have no talent, after ten thousand swings of the sword, you will find that your speed, accuracy, and strength have all improved significantly compared to before."

"Nonsense." Kakashi sneered, "I swing my sword more than ten thousand times every day, but my progress isn't as exaggerated as you say!"

"If you've tried it and made little progress, then... who let you try it?" Kyomu spread his hands, looking very teasing, "Without a passive skill like mine, of course you can't. Isn't that obvious?"

"What is a passive skill?"

"Passive means that I have a unique understanding of cold weapons. What I can do, you may not be able to do."

"Humph, boring." Kakashi turned away, "I want to see what kind of effect you'll get after mechanically repeating a sword swing ten thousand times!"

"Don't cry when the time comes." Kyomu continued to swing his sword, "Do you know a move called 'Heaven-Cutting Sword Technique'?"

"Stop bluffing, okay?" Kakashi obviously didn't believe it, "Isn't it just a sword draw? There's nothing special about it."

Is that so?

Without the enhancement of a passive skill, it was indeed ordinary, but with the passive skill, it was a different story.

Kyomu glanced at Kakashi and had already decided that after he mastered it, he would ruthlessly strike him!

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