12 Chapter 12 - Ruthless

A - Torture, light torture. Mostly Genjutsu, and try to make him talk. After that, call out to the ninja nearby, if there are any. If no one answers, then take Misumi as a prisoner and try to find a Chunin or higher ranked Ninja and report what happened.

-How hard is Shinji going to try and cripple him? Medium. (New Trait!)


Chapter 12 - Ruthless

Shinji looked at Misumi, a downed opponent that was quite sadistic in his methods. He knew that if the positions were switched, he would be having a very painful experience. So with that in mind, Shinji's eyes turned cold. "You just picked the wrong opponent."

Fear glimmered in Misumi's eyes, as he struggled to get up, could see in Shinji's gaze that what was going to follow wouldn't be pretty. "W -Wait man, I wasn't going to kill you!"

Knowing that he wasn't good, nor did he have any experience in physical torture, Shinji decided against it. But for now, he knew that Misumi was a dangerous guy and wouldn't hesitate to strangle him if it came down to it. Doesn't matter what orders his superior gave him, once it came down to it, he would kill Shinji to survive if needed.

So understanding that Shinji walked closer and pulled out a kunai."Don't worry, I don't plan on killing you either," after saying that, he stomped Misumi's legs, though his bones could dislocate themselves and gave him the ability to make his body soft. He was still human, and his bones could be broken in this banner. "Sorry, but you're a dangerous guy and I am just a newly graduated Genin. Can't take the risk of you going after me."

By now, Shinji was speaking out loud not for the guy he had defected. But the Anbu, or any ninja hiding around here. Shinji could feel his downed opponent's bone break as his foot pushed down to the ground with all the power he could muster. It wasn't a nice feeling and the scream of pain that followed almost made him wince. But Shinji held strong, his decision set in stone. As he looked at the wriggling enemy, he imagines himself, and the tortures he might have had to suffer if the position were switched.

"AAHHHH!!!" Misumi screamed out, drooling as his lower face mask fell off. Shinji noticed that he was quite average-looking, just another face in the background. They were similar in that.


Bones were broken, fingers shattered, Shinji was merciless and even used his mask to gag his victim. He asked one question after another, but Misumi never said anything more than scream out in pain. He wasn't doing this to torture him, and while the pain of bones breaking might be painful, this was so he wouldn't become a problem any time soon. Shinji made sure that the man who had attacked him wouldn't be able to wave hand seals for at least a year.

'This much damage should take about half a year to heal, and by then he should be able to use his arms which would make him dangerous again. By then though, I should be in a league where he can't even touch me anymore.'

Ever since becoming a Ninja, Shinji never was illusioned with the goals of grandiose without the need to get his hands dirty. His will wasn't weak to falter at this sight either. By the end of it, Misumi's limbs were twisted strangely and his fingers in both hands were broken. Though Shinji hadn't seen anyone do one-handed seals, he didn't want to take the risk here.

Taking the gag out of his opponent's mouth, Shinji coldly asked him. "Are you ready to talk? Who sent you after me?"

"H -hey, no, no one sent me after you, *hic*" tears rolled down his face as he cried. This made Shinji doubt what he was doing for a split second. But he remembered how the fight had gone.

"What about the time you had me in a chokehold and didn't let go at all?" Shinji inquired. "The strength you were using would have almost broken my neck if I hadn't used substitution earlier. Now, I don't care about your excuses. Tell me what I want to know. Who sent you?"

[Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique]

Shinji put Misumi under genjutsu that would show his worst fears but as a D Rank Jutsu. It didn't have any effect, and he just clenched his teeth even though he couldn't break out of the genjutsu.

Sighing, Shinji glanced towards the trees, where if any ninja was here that's where they would likely hide. "Hey, you saw it right? He attacked first. Also, him being this resilient just proves that he has something to hide."

No response came from the trees, he sighed again, unhappy that he had to carry Misumi down the mountain. 'Well, this can be considered as training at least. So that should be good.'

But as he turns around, he sees a ninja silver-haired ninja, with an eye patch covering one of his eyes and a mask covering the lower part of his face. "Yes," agreed the ninja, glancing at the downed genin and crouched down to look Misumi in the eyes. "This guy is hiding something. That resistance against pain isn't normal. Though you should learn how to inflict pain better, the tips of the finger are the best point to start. Under the nails are a lot of nerves."

Shinji nodded, but internally he was surprised, not having sensed anything when the man moved. "I will keep that in mind. By the way, can I know who you are?"

"Kakashi Hatake," the jonin answered casually. "Also, weak genjutsu of D Rank is unlikely to work during torture either. When people are tortured they can say anything to get out of it, so you have to be careful about that too," Kakashi picked up the downed person by the hair and pulled up his headband, revealing a scar over his eye, and the eye was red with three tomoe slowly swirling. "You need hypnotic genjutsu if you want to get information."

<Sharingan: Genjutsu>

Misumi seemed to come to his senses for a split second as his eyes cleared up. He looked at Kakashi with hate. "I am-"

"Shut up, unlike him," he pointed at Shinji. "I can put you through a world of pain just for fun. So who do you work for?"

Misumi's body shook as his eyes became dull, his pupils enlarging. "Orochimaru."

Even Kakashi was surprised by the name. "Why were you following Shinji?"

"I-" the man was about to speak, but Kakashi's red eyes spun and he immediately put his hand in Misumi's mouth and pulled out a tooth.

"No dying on me either," Kakashi whispered. "I don't know what countermeasures your master put in place so you don't spill information. But things won't go his way."

Shinji looked on in wonder, this was a pro at his work. Kakashi seemed to know what his victim was going to do before they even did it. But that sense of wonder didn't last long as the name mentioned before rang in his mind. He remembered a certain history book he had read in the academy. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade Senju, the Three-Way Deadlock, and the Sannin. They were three of the strongest ninja Konoha had produced in the last half of a century.

"Uhhh…" Shinji uncomfortably intervened. "Sir Jonin, am I involved in this now?"

Shinji did NOT want one of the strongest ninjas out there having an eye on him. Or possibly being angry at him.

"Oh yeah, you're super involved," Kakashi said nonchalantly. "Also you'll have to help me with the paperwork in this. Because I was just enjoying the view until you came. Do you know how busy I already am?"

'Not busy enough apparently, if you have time to relax atop the Hokage mountain and enjoy the view.'

Shinji kept his thoughts to himself. He didn't want to anger a jonin, and while Kakashi's demeanor seemed casual, he saw how the jonin handled Misumi. As a genin, Shinji didn't want to be on the receiving end of that.

"I have students too, and am already two hours late."

Two hours? Then why are you here enjoying the view acting so unconcerned about it? Shinji had many questions but decided to keep them all to himself.

Kakashi suddenly frowned and went through countless hand seals in a split second, at speeds he hadn't seen before. He couldn't even tell what hand signs were being made.

<Sealing Jutsu: Corpse Freezing>

"Seems like our friend here has a neuron poison at the root of his brain. We have to take care of that before continuing the questioning." Kakashi waved his hand and three shadows came from the trees, surrounding the download body. They were all Anbu, and Shinji swallowed his fear, he hadn't known any of them were there. If they were enemies…


They disappeared as soon as they came, taking Misumi's unconscious body with them. Each of their movements was done without mistake and they were in sync.

"Anyway, wanna go get some ramen?" Asked Kakashi, with an eye-smile.

"Didn't you say that you have some students?"

"Meh," he shrugged. "It's only two hours late. We have plenty of time. In around half an hour all the information your attacker had in his mind will be spilled. Another half an hour to take care of any other spy in the village that we might discover. After that, I will be right on time."

The way Kakashi explained it, he seemed to think this was 'right on time'. Shinji only looked at the jonin dully, glad he didn't have someone like him as a teacher.

But as he thought about it, a chill went down Shinji's spine. Do they suspect him too? Or maybe this is just the village being cautious. Maybe that was why Kakashi was so insistent on having him along.

"Still up for some ramen?"


[Pick one, and put your choice in a comment down below]

A - "Sure."

B - "No. I am busy." Shinji feels like this option could make him seem suspicious.

C - "Sure. But can you help me find a jonin named Guy?"

D - "Sure. But can you help me find a good weapon's shop?"


Status Update:

[Merciless] (New Trait!)

Shinji won't have mercy against his enemies and won't hesitate when fighting them. He is willing to cripple someone if it comes down to it.



Kakashi 6/10 (Decisive, smart. Knows a lot more than he lets on. Future T&I or Anbu?)


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