38 Do you know how many times a person’s heart beats

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It's been three days since that incident had happened; after that night, everything returned to its previous state. Nobody talked about it as if it had never occurred in the first place.

After eating dinner, I was currently heading towards the house where Haku and Kimimaro live, while Neji followed me with an excited smile on his lips.

"Sister, did he spit out something?" he asked.

"No, he hadn't spoken anything. Ritsu had interrogated him to the best of his abilities," I calmly replied. Although it was a lie, I couldn't get my subject harmed. He was too precious for that.

"I see," he nodded.

"But worry not, brother. He will speak soon," a smile formed on my face as I spoke with a malicious grin.

Seeing my grin, he sighed, "You're being creepy again."

"Hehehe," I just laughed at his comment.



With a creak, I opened the house door, and entered it, where Haku and Kimimaro were patiently waiting for me on the couch.

"Lady Hinata, you are finally here," Haku said respectfully, seeing Neji with me.

"Cut it, Haku-chan. You don't have to be so formal in front of my brother," I looked at him, and then at Neji, "right, brother?" I asked him.

"Whatever fits you, I am fine with it," he said.


With a happy clap of my hand, I said, "Good, let's go and see how the lab is."

All three of them instantly became excited to see the new thing. I walked towards a specific closet, pushed it, and revealed an underground passage.

"Let's go," I walked downstairs; it was illuminated by candles that Ritsu had to replace every 12 hours. Soon, we all reached an iron door.

Spinning the buttons like I was opening a treasure, with a click sound, the big door opened, revealing a glorified lab.

'My father is the best father in the world,' I thought as I looked at the precious instruments around me. He didn't hesitate to spend a good chunk of money.


"Sister, what is this for?" Neji curiously asked, pointing towards a cylinder filled with green liquid.

"If I put someone's organ in it, it will be preserved for a long time, without any damage or infection," I replied.

I looked at Ren and Ritsu. They were standing still there without interfering with us.

"Ohoho, look what we have here, my killer," I said with a chuckle and looked at the man who was tied with chains on the operation table.

All three of them became immediately angry, ready to kill the man at my wishes. Pleased with them, I let out a soft chuckle, indicating they calmed down.

After checking all the instruments, I finally walked towards the man, stepping on the platform.

This was placed here due to my short height. Neji, Haku, and Kimimaro surrounded the man from all directions.

"Brother, do you want to know how many times a person's heart beats?" I asked.


"I can see it with Byakugan," he replied.

Nodding to him, I then looked at the two of them. "What about you?"

"I don't know," both of them replied at the same time.

I looked at Haku-chan, 'he is going to my natural refrigerator.'

"Good, let me show you then." I raised my hand, and a curved chakra scalpel appeared on my fingers, placing it on his chest. I circled it around his chest.


"Freeze it, Haku-chan." The piece of meat was cut out from his chest before the man lost any blood; Haku froze his wound and his cutted flesh without any hesitation.

I looked at his heart between his rib cage, surrounded by a two-layered thin membrane called pericardium.


"Let's count, Haku-chan," I said, looking at the beating heart.

"1, 2, 3, 4… 56, 72, 80, 84." The heart beats faster due to the presence of chakra. Haku quickly noted it in a data book.

Activating my Byakugan, I closely studied the inner workings of the heart—how the blood is pumped, how it's purified, and the times of cycles.

Time slowly started to pass without me noticing.

I didn't know which illness my mother would get after Hanabi's birth, and how could I blame the little girl for killing my mother? She wasn't even born, and certainly, she didn't ask to be born.

And I couldn't let my mother die. If she died, it would be due to my incompetence.


"So that's how the human heart works," I said, finally deactivating my eyes.

"How long did it take?" I asked.

"Almost 3 hours," Haku immediately replied.

I nodded to him and looked at Neji and Kimimaro's sleepy faces. "If you want to go, you can."

"I will stay," Neji said, and I knew he just wants to see this man's misery.


"Okay." Kimimaro, on the other hand, wasn't that interested in this, so I didn't force him.

"Now let's see how much longer he could live after his heart stopped beating," I said, and five thick chakra strings made their way like demonic snakes and circled his heart. With a flick of my finger, they tightened, completely stopping his heart. I then proceeded to see how his body reacted after his blood flow was stopped.

The first minute was still bearable, but the next minute he started to gape like a fish out of the water. His mouth was tightly covered; I didn't want to hurt my ears from his screams.


Due to lack of oxygen, his main organs like the liver, kidney, and heart started to die slowly. Due to the lack of blood flow, his mind started to react in different ways.

With my Byakugan, I calmly observed his whole body. After five minutes, I knew his brain might die, so I retreated the chakra strings.

"So he could live for 5 minutes. After that, his brain might stop working," I said, and Haku-chan wrote it down. After ten minutes, his flow was stabilized.


"Haku-chan, give me the poison," I said, and Haku brought the poison that was placed on a shelf.

I looked at the man; his eyes were horrified. With a chuckle, I dipped the needle in the poison and poked it into his forearm, "This poison might kill you in half an hour."

Using my internal vision on his arm, I calmly observed how the poison slowly started to infiltrate his cells and began killing them before finally entering his blood vessels.

But before it could spread any further, I constructed two chakra strings. The first one passed through his flesh and tied the blood vessel, completely stopping its flow below the forearm.

The second one tied above his elbow. In just half an hour, his arm below the elbow was completely poisoned, looking dark purple.


"Let's remove it, shall we?" I focused all of my attention on his arm and the poison inside it. I neared all of my ten fingers to his arm; ten chakra strings sprouted out and then split into three more. They entered his forearm, creating a web inside his arm.

One of the properties of chakra was that it could be tangible and intangible at the same time, and I was using it like no one has until now.

The strings passed inside his arm, wiggling like snakes, and started to contain the poison.


Slowly, they had contained all of the poisoned blood and the poison itself inside of them. I retreated all the strings from his arm; now, their color was purple due to the poison they contained.

"Give me the water bowl," I asked Haku. I dropped all the poison inside the water bowl.

Then, I retreated the two strings that were holding his blood flow, and soon his arm was again stabilized.

"Lucky bastard," I looked at the man and sinisterly chuckled.


I then looked at his still openly beating heart, but before I could fix that, I put my hand near his heart, and countless silk-like chakra threads started to mend themselves around his heart without damaging it.

"Amazing," Neji finally said when he looked at a heart that was made of pure fine chakra strings, just like the mask that I put on Haku.

"Isn't it," I said, dispersing it; this was just the starting.

"Yes," Neji said, but Haku-chan looked confused; he couldn't see it without the Byakugan.


"Let's fix him," I said and instructed Haku to melt the ice cube in which his flesh was preserved.

Putting his flesh above his heart, I constructed another thin string and a fine needle for embroidery, and without any problem, I sewed his flesh, making it perfectly fine again.

Finally, I connected the edge of the chakra string to one of the tenketsu points so it wouldn't disperse until he was finally healed.

"Let's go, this is enough for today; we will continue our session tomorrow," I said and walked out from the lab. Raising my finger, I constructed a chakra string, 'what a fascinating thing, everything could be done by strings, or everything is made from strings.'

I thought about a concept in physics that states the universe is constructed by tiny vibrating strings, smaller than the smallest subatomic particles. As these fundamental strings twist, fold, and vibrate, they create matter, energy, and all sorts of phenomena like electromagnetism, gravity, etc. That's the string theory.






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