Naruto : An Uchiha’s TaleNaruto : An Uchiha’s Tale

Naruto : An Uchiha’s Tale

by T0X1N

4.6(81 ratings)

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Jin Nakamura was a normal office worker with a boring life. His only hobby was watching anime, which he enjoyed consuming every night. His personal favorite was Naruto, which he enjoyed for many reasons. This story is about how he is reincarnated into the Naruto universe and his journey to the very peak of ninjas! I don't own Naruto in any shape or form, although I wish I did. This is just a fan project. Go support the original if you haven't, by Masashi Kishimoto. Currently: 4 chapters per week. Top 200 rankings: 4 chapters/week Top 100 rankings: 5 chapters/week Top 10 rankings: 7 chapters/week

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