Chapter 18: Royal

When we got back to the Academy, I immediately thanked Cadmus as I got out of the carriage. I grabbed my long dress and then ran to my room.

I looked for the necklace when I got to the bedroom. I almost threw away all the things just to find it. Not in the bathroom, in bed, in the bag, under the bed.

Nothing. Nothing!

I stopped when I noticed a book I had borrowed from the library. It’s open. I picked it up on the floor. It probably fell.

I held the drawn flower in the book. This flower is familiar. Where did I see that? Wait.

The pages of the book are slightly open. I opened it. How? How did that happen? Where is the key?

I slowly calmed myself and sat in my bed. Ariella is coming home this afternoon, and our room is very messy today because I am looking for my necklace.

I closed the book and looked at the flower again. The flower got my attention.

I will read it later. I will clean this room first, it’s so messy.