My Wild Little Kitten Is A Mafia Boss
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My Wild Little Kitten Is A Mafia Boss


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What is My Wild Little Kitten Is A Mafia Boss

Read My Wild Little Kitten Is A Mafia Boss novel written by the author _frieyaVida on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, r18, weaktostrong, revenge, survival. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WARNING: There will be Mature Scenes in this book] Life was hard enough when she lost her mother. When her father got married, life was even harder. Sofia was bullied and often went to sleep with an empty stomach. When her father died, she was thrown away by her stepmother. No money. No friends. Nothing. All she had was her tenacity to live. She scavenged for food. She learned how to pickpocket and she learned not to trust anyone's word. Until she was kidnapped and brought to a place she had no idea of. If she wanted to get out, she needed to fight. She needed to kill. She needed to persevere and not make friends. "Emotions are your biggest hurdle. Learn to lock your feelings away." At the age of ten, she made her first kill. She learned all sorts of things in order to survive this cruel world. And when she reached the legal age, she became the heir to the mafia king. "Drunk driving isn't allowed. Give me your license!" Officer Hughes told Sofia who was still muddle-headed after hitting her car on a lamp post. "How about you give me your number?" Sofia retorted. Her red and smiling lips were hauntingly beautiful, seducing him to give in to her. "Ma'am, you don't need to seduce me. I won't fall for your tricks." Even with blood rolling on her face, Sofia wasn't the least bit bothered. It's nothing to her. "Let me send you to the hospital first." Officer Hughes offered as he tried opening the door of her car. "Just kiss my wound and it will be fine." 'The impact has damaged her brain cells. She's going crazy. I need to bring her to the hospital soon.' Unknowingly, he stepped into the trap that Sofia laid specially for him. Now that she caught her prey, she would never let him go again. Cover isn't mine. It's edited by a friend. From Mr. Love: Queen's Choice


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I've been reading books from this author and I really like how she integrates some reality to fiction. ❤ The books she wrote are worth the time reading. I'm recommending this book and her other books to the readers. 💗


This book is a must read book. The twist and turns of events will hook you up. This is really a good read. I just hope for more chapters to read. ❤


This author is being shameless again😅😅😅. I will rate my work 5🌟 because I'm working my brain cells so hard to come up with this idea. I hope you will read this work because I will continue to do my best and make it better. Thank you all. 💋


I just saw this on my notification box and when I read it, I'm hooked on it. Please release more chapters for us to read. While waiting, I'm gonna read your other works first. Love! Love! Love!


Hi Guys, This is a message from the author who is currently struggling, she reached out for help in sending this message and she hopes you'll be patient as she's trying to work out her situation. Send her all the blessings you can I finally found a good spot of getting cell network today. Please, if you can spare me some of your time. Please find my books and leave a comment on the latest chapters. Please tell my readers that I can't update for the time being because of typhoon Odette. My laptop is broken, I have limited phone battery and signal is very scarce. I'd have to trave several kilometers just to get a signal. There's no electricity, too. Please help me relay the message to my readers. I don't want to lose them. I don't really know when will you guys read this message but I hope you do. And sorry for imposing on all of you.


OMG! OMG! OMG! This book is drilling me so much! When I was just getting so anxious about the ML someone came and I am torn between which man I like for her. I love this book. I will definitely see this through the end of it.


[img=recommend] Another interesting book to read 🥰[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I am very much interested in this book. The FL is strong, independent woman and at the same time, she's silly and cute. I want to read more of this. 💗


I have been reading books from this author and every book of hers/his has unique flavor to it. She didn't just stick mainly to romance but ventures to lots of things. I ❤ this book so much. I hope the author will release more and more chapters in the future.


This is just d*mn amazing! I was totally thinking that there'd be just one ML because of the synopsis but now, I'm thinking that things might be different to what I'm thinking. I hope there will be lots of chapters in the future.


I like the character of Sofia. She's not like other mafia heiress who only knows how to take revenge or to blow people in the head. She's playful, sometimes silly sometimes, sexy, elegant, a fighter and so much more. I like how she's acting like a normal person. The author didn't put exaggerated characteristics of her. I love this. 💕


This book is just crazy! It's intense and it keeps you on edge. At the same time, the FL is really funny despite being strong. You will definitely love this book. I hope more chapters will come in the future. I just don't want to stop reading this. 💜


This book deserves 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. It's not boring to read. It's not the kind of book that could make you sleepy. If you read this, you will surely stay awake because of the amazing scene description. I hope this will be contracted soon because I want to send gifts.


This novel isn't the normal mafia story. It is interesting and fun to read. The author has done an amazing job bringing this novel to life and I highly recommend it for a read.


Author-sama, please update more of this work. I'm following this novel closely and I will be very happy if you can update daily. I will surely reward you for your hard work. Pretty please 🙏


author-san, I hope you can release more chapters of this book. It has a really nice story and I am looking for more. Please update lots of chapters soon




I'm happy with the development of the story. I want to read more so I am hoping that the author will post more chapters from now on. I highly recommend this novel guys ❤❤


I am very interested with the flow of the story as well as the characteristic of the FL. She's really the typical person you know normally and she's very close to reality. I just have one favor from the author. Please update more.


The story has a very realistic and emotional presentation of one of our society's biggest problems(child adandonment.It has a solid structure and a nice flow.Some grammatical errors here and there but nothing serious and I liked the attention to detail. I would recommend the author to remain focused on the parts that rely on her imagination (sofi's life,emotions etc) instead of trying to reconstruct modern society in her book. Dont get me wrong,that doesnt mean the author is not talented or careful. Its just that the smallest mistake can annoy the reader when you are writing about real-life situations(for example,children that are caught for stealing,dont get reprimanded and released,they are sent to foster homes) Overall a very good story with potential. Keep up the good work.


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