My Wife Turns Out to Be a Vampire? Book

novel - Fantasy

My Wife Turns Out to Be a Vampire?

Feng He Jin Qi Le

Ongoing · 344.1K Views

  • 40 Chs

  • 3.4

    32 ratings
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Winterson married a stunning woman at the beginning of the story. He felt that must cost him three lives’ luck! But to his surprise, he saw his wife sucking blood with her tusks exposed on their wedding night. Was she ... a vampire?! Winterson suddenly sobered up. Several options emerged in front of him while he was feeling shocked and frightened. “Flee. Award: will never run into any ghost again and stay safe forever.” “Kill the vampire. Award: will get the inheritance of demon subduers and take the responsibility of getting rid of monsters and demons.” Winterson was happy with neither of the two options. “Darn it!!” “You think it’s easy to marry a stunning woman like this? You want me to kill my wife to get Tao?” He refused to make any choice in despair. He pushed the door open and went into the room. “Even if I die, I want my wife to suck all of my blood! I want to be killed by her!” The emergence of wicked ideas broadened the world. “Hey!” “As I thought, I am more excited...”

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