My Unexpected Weakness
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My Unexpected Weakness


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What is My Unexpected Weakness

My Unexpected Weakness is a popular web novel written by the author eths_me, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, MODERN, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, TEEN, SCHOOL, FRIENDS, BUSINESS, ROMCOMHIGHSCHOOL, Teen genres. It's viewed by 65.5K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 79 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I loved, and adored him back then. But maybe, second chances aren't meant for everyone in the world." She is type of a girl who is a chubby but, brainy she can do both or must say multi task, a debater who is very articulate, a journalist to their school paper and known as a genius student but one day, he met again a person from his past without her realizing that it’s him and became the one reason of the changes to her physical appearance and inner soul. Then an unexpected thing will happen that someone will fall in love with her that she met in the world of RPW, who had a familiar vibe. How will she handle it? Is the first guy still the same guy? Are they still a one person? Or the other way around. Is there a chance that, maybe the silent opponent of who? Is the literal soulmate of her, is the guy whom she knew deeply who was already there before he met those other guys? Or, her literal weakness is the guy who admired her since they were in their first years, in high school what if the two of them are her weakness and it is unexpected. But the worse thing is another person, or more people will confuse her again about what she felt towards the guy that he truly loves. Years will come, thousands of people will meet and encounter each other, cashes will continue to burn out, those bright colors will fade, leaves will fall down by the help of the frail or burly wind, small plants will finally grow, time will fly quick, and then maturity will hit them. All of us will grow old, but her true weakness will still remain who? From a puppy love, back in high school until she became the heiress, will still be who? Who will be her unexpected weakness. All Rights Reserved No to Plagiarism

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I saw this story on the potential story and I tried to read and yeah!!!! This story excites me a lot and I love the writing quality. And I don’t understand why this story was still free and doesn’t have locked chapters hahaha. Nice one Author!!! 🥰


Honestly, I am a new reader here and this story just got pop out on the Teen categorry so I got curious. I already read the first fifteen chapters and my curiousty jut het increased!!!!!! So excited Author!!!😩


I just saw this novel today and I can't help but fall in love. This was a hidden gem that needs more attention! It was relatable especially the scenes in school and about puppy love. Good job author!


Guys!!! Try to read this novel, it vives relaxation to your mind especially about the scenes of butterflies and of course! The relatetable scenes of your classmates hahaha. 😂


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I just finished the 52 chapters of this on going story and promised, this rose up my curiosity on what will be the flow of this story. And I swear I am tecommending this story for y’ll because it had a lot of lesson to learn.


I like how you made the synopsis and the initial chapters, it gives me the urge to read more and I will with a bag of chips to keep it cool. Expecting more updates and keep writing !!!




Kinda interesting story, the first chapters somehow made me curious about the the plot of this story is. And it makes sense thAt this story tackles about friendship too. The writing quality is good and all was described on how a certain thing looked like. ❤️


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Im in Chapter 2, and boy, am I thrilled and entranced by the book cover and romance concept of this story! Leiva or Leivy has such emotions and personality, especially this novel revolves around the romance between the handsome guy~ I invite everyone to read this book if you're up to a great romance plot! Good luck, author-san, and I wish you the best!


Wow! This is totally for romantic novels. I can even relate to the story. I also a chubby person, but I'm athletic even though I'm chubby. Anyway, all I can say is that... I can't wait to read more of this book. It was like I was reading my real-life story. Good job author, looking forward to reading more of your chapters keep it up the good work author!


Great work. It is one of the school novels and i really like it. While reading it, i can relate to the things specially on Monday. Two days is really little to have a rest, specially when professor give assignments. I'm Looking forward to the future chapters and about Leiva.


Hurray for School Drama! Birds of the same feather makes a good feather duster...😂 Will definitely add this to my reading list!😍 Good job Author-nim! Please continue to update regularly!



I’ll give a ratings for this book too, since I was the one who did it and haha. This book gives me a lot of lesson and it even made me mature on the skills that I had for writing hahah. Thank you for reading!! ❤️


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