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My Ultimate Multiverse Of Adventure


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Always wanting to travel through the books, movies, comics, and animes I have grown to love, I decided to write this. This is my first book as well as my first time writing so please give me feed back. Try not to be a troll though. I hope you enjoy the novel I'll try to update at least twice a week, but i do have a job so it won't always be possible. I will make sure i have chapters in reserve so hopefully you will never be left hanging. As for the book itself, it will see the main character doing his best to enjoy the worlds he is in while also trying to better himself. This is 100% a self insert and honestly a little wish fulfillment. Please give the book a try. If it isn't for you let me know why and how I could improve upon my writing. 1st world is The 100 as I have only read one good FF of the show. 2nd world will probably be either Harry Potter or Percy Jackson I do not know yet. Clearly this is a FanFic I own nothing but my own OCs and SIs As like all other FF authors out there I do not own any character or verse other than my own OCs and SI I do not own the cover art. It belongs to https://pixels.com/featured/multiverse-begets-multiverse-sam-del-russi.html if the artist wants it removed it shall be done.


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