My soulmate:Falling in love with a soul Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

My soulmate:Falling in love with a soul


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Haru is an 11 year old boy with great ambitions in life.Although,he wasn't really famous in school.One day,he came across a very old house and decided to take a look inside.Once he entered,the door shut closed and he suddenly saw a beautiful little girl on the stairs.He immediately fell in love with her and he started talking to her.Little did he know,she no longer belonged to the world anymore.He eventually found out when he wasn't able to touch her but instead of being frightened,he stayed by her side.The girl did like him too,but she needed to cross to the afterlife soon.The boy immediately realized that and promised to help her cross to the afterlife.Will they end up together until the girl crosses to the afterlife or will this story take another path?


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