1 Chapter 1:The day I met you

Haru had been in school the whole day.He was very tired and had been teased all day by his classmates.You could say he was a loner.

He didn't have anyone to help him in anything,and his classmates just kept dumping their activities on him.He was on his way home and on his way there,he looked at the old house he always passed through when on his way home.He had been seeing it all his life and decided to finally see what it really looked like on the inside. He entered and said"Hello?Is anyone there?"Suddenly,a girl's voice responded to him and said"Yes,someone is here.But let's just say I'm not exactly a someone anymore."He became very curious and decided to ask her what she meant by that.She came down from the stairs wearing a beautiful white robe.She had beautiful blonde hair and smiled at him.He was mesmerized by her and asked her"Who are you?"She responded by saying"I'm Rina.I've been in this house for a while now and watching you go home everyday.Its saddening that you always look sad when you go home."He blushed a little and introduced himself.She raised her hand and he tried to shake his hand with hers,but before he even got to touch her hand,it passed through.He was a little shocked but he didn't freak out.After all,she was beautiful.He asked her"Are you a ghost?"She said yes and he turned his head to another direction with a red face.She laughed a bit,smiled,put her hand down and said"You're the first person to ever stay with me for a few minutes.During halloween,tons and tons of kids come in here but they don't last 1 minute in here.The same happens during regular days as well."He blushed even more,put his hand down and looked at her straight in the eyes.She turned a little red and asked him"Can you do me a favor?"He said"Of course!You can ask me anything."She said that she needed help to cross to the after life and upon hearing this,Haru immediately understood.He was a bit sad,but he had to help somehow.He asked her"So,how do we do it?"She said that she had to do all the remaining things she wasn't able to finish in life.He asked her what that was and she said"I need to find who murdered me and take his life."He freaked out a little bit but he tried as much as possible not to show it.She noticed this and decided to say"Hey,look.Its fine if you don't want to,its very much fine.I can find him myself."Haru immediately said that it was fine and said that he wanted to help her.She smiled and hugged him,even though she passed through.His face turned red and the girl looked into the window and she realized that he had to go since it was

turning late.She told him that he should leave already because his family must already be worried sick.He understood and told her he'd be back tomorrow.He also said goodbye before leaving.On his way there,he looked at the window of the second floor of the house and saw her.He waved at her and she did the same before she left.Haru then continued on his way.Haru arrived at home and said"Mom,I'm home!"His mom faced backwards while cooking and said"Welcome back sweetheart.How was school?"Haru said it was fine and his mother asked him why he took so long.He made up an excuse and went into his room without saying another word.His mother seemed worried,so she decided to ask him when they had dinner.He just said his previous excuse and said he was fine.He then ate his food really fast and ran back into his room.His mom became even more worried.Once Haru had entered his room,Rina's history suddenly came into his mind.He decided to think about how Rina was murdered and what had happened to her family.He spent almost 5 hours thinking about it and suddenly the thought of what time it already was came into his mind.Upon looking at the clock,he brushed his teeth immediately and rushed to bed.The following day,he came back and asked Rina how she was murdered.She responded by saying"It was June 11th,1999.I was sound asleep when somebody broke my window and came into my room.My parents heard the sound and rushed into my room.The man took me hostage and asked them to give him all the money they had.They gave all their money,but their lives were still taken and I was sexually assaulted and murdered after that.The man was eventually never found,and the case was closed without any justice being served for my family's death.Me and my family were buried the day after by our relatives.Its a sad story,I know.But even though my family died with rage,I was the only one who was left with a mission to end the killer's life.Its sad,I know."When the story ended,Haru was crying.He didn't know what to say.The girl comforted him and he said that he would help her,even if it cost his life.

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