"So do you like horse back riding? " My date, Thomas asked when he noticed I wasn't interested in talking to him.

I played with my food on the plate, this was still the worst one yet. Why would my parents think this nerd would be perfect for me? He had a cute look and all but he's a total bore and I just couldn't wait to leave this 'date'.

" No " I sighed.

He just stared at me, I knew he was trying his best to make me intersted in him or at least converse with him but it wasn't working, AT ALL.

" Do you like the food here?" He asked another lame question.

There was nothing great about the food, it tasted like every other thing I've ever had, if he thought bringing me to some fancy restaurant could woo me over then man! was he wrong.

Fancy restaurants was something I was accustomed with and to be honest I wasn't so impressed with them anymore and he brought me to one of the 'not so nice ones'.

" Yeah it's okay " I said blandly.

I'm pretty sure he was pissed, the look on his face gave him all away and I was sure he wanted to end this date as soon as he could and lucky for him his phone rang.

He breath a sigh of relief as he reached for his pants pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Yes, hello " He said then I stopped listening to him.

My parents really out did themselves this time, a geek? Was that all they could do?  This was just awful. I get that they wanted me to find someone soon but this guy, Thomas was the worse and I don't know why I  was still sitting with him or even still having a date with him and I am also sure he was having the same thoughts about me but I didn't care I needed to get out of this place ASAP!

I guess the moon goddess heard my prayers as I heard him say.

" I'm sorry, but something came up and I have to leave, I really hope you aren't mad but I'll get in touch with you later "He said as he left in a hurry.

I should be mad in a any other situation, that my date rudly left our date without a proper good bye but in his case all I could think about was.....Good riddance!

I was begged by my parents not to do anything immature to him since I had sent all my previous dates running for their lives with my immaturity as my parents would call it.

I called my driver and left the damn restaurant as soon as he arrived.


By the time I got to my house it was already late but as usual my parents were not home, it's not like I'm complaining or anything because I loved being home alone, just me, myself and I.

I went straight to my room and slammed the door shut behind me. I fell flat on my bed recollecting how awful my day went and a thought crossed my mind.

What if he was here? What would I be doing at this moment?

Ever since he left my wolf has been silent, it's been two years since I heard from her. It's been two years since our mate disappeared.


Two years ago we found him, I was one of the lucky few to find their mate at a young age, I was only sixteen then and when I found him it felt like heaven would collapse down at me. He was perfect.

His eyes, his hair, his body, his voice everything! I just loved him!

We were happy together for the first two months until he disappeared never to be seen again, I cried and suffered and I just couldn't get over him, I couldn't! He was my other half, someone I could lean on, he was my life.

I fought hard to move on but I just couldn't, everywhere I went I would hear his husky voice saying my name and telling me of how much he loved me and wanted to spend eternity with me.

I was just too young for all the heartache but my parents knew that I needed to find someone to fill in for him, someone that would rule the pack with me by my side, someone who would make the pack flourish. Like they always say.

As soon as I turned eighteen they took it upon themselves to find me a man, to find me a new forever, setting me on useless dates but they failed in that aspect every man they brought was just a waste of time and they wouldn't give up until I found someone that was my type. Stupid right?

But all these wasn't my fault, I was only a teenager who lost her mate, a teenager who was naive and young hearted, a teenager with no experience, a teenager who wanted to be loved, but of course they didn't care. My parents, they didn't know how it felt to lose their mate since they have been together all their lives. Being Alpha and Luna they didn't care about me or my feelings they only cared about their pack.

I didn't know why I had to suffer so much, all for what? For nothing. I've met  many guys but none of them made me feel anything, only Mateo could do that. My Mateo.

My phone notification bell rang, I groaned as I picked it from where I had flung it and looked at the screen. It was a text from Lyra, my bestfriend.

" Come to the club right now! " was what she sent.

I rolled my eyes, other than stupid dates my life also contained clubbing and partying till dawn. It wasn't like I hated it but trust me it gets very annoying at some point.

I took off my dress and put on a short Denim skirt, a red cropped tank top and a blue oversized hoodie.

I applied a little bit of lip gloss then tied my brunette hair into a high ponytail.

I left the house after I was sure I looked great. Of course the driver offered to drive me there but why would I want my driver to drive me to the club? That'd be crazy of me. I told him I could drive myself and would call him if I got too drunk.

I was the image of the pack and going out to night clubs wasn't really image material but I didn't give a care in the world what they thought about me, my parents wouldn't like it if they knew what I was up to again but they couldn't stop me, I am an adult so I can do whatever it was I damn please.

I drove at full speed until I could hear the booming sound of music from a distance, my face lit up with a smirk as I got closer to the club! I was gonna party hard and forget about everything at least for a while before I get sober again.

I parked in front of the huge club and got out of my car soon I heard Lyra's voice as she ran towards me.

" Ophelia! " She yelled as she threw her arms around me. " Let's go party till the sun comes up! "

Lyra was a very pretty girl, with short Caramel hair and her mesmerising grey eyes, if I was gay I'll totally be into her, she had the perfect height, figure and face. She was an angel and my only friend but don't get fooled by her looks she was a LUNATIC!

She dragged me along with her into the club which was lit with numerous disco lights and shaking from the sound of the deafening music.

She let go of me and started dancing to the music and it took Sometime for me to adjust to the environment but soon I let loose and started dancing to the beat, swaying my hips here and there with my hands up in the sky.

The club was a great way to forget everything at least till the sun comes up.

A blonde guy approached me with a cigarette in his hand and a smug smile on his face, freak.

" Hey darling " He said with an ugly Texas accent.

I rolled my eyes as I left the dance floor squeezing myself through the crowd of drunk teenagers and young adults like myself, some were making out while others were simply dancing,crazy dances. I needed to go the bar, I needed a drink!

" Hey Princess"  Mark my favorite bartender said as he poured me a shot of Tequila, he knew just what I wanted.

" Markie! You are the best, Why do you think every guy in this club is a pig ? Don't they get that some of us aren't here looking for sexual pleasure? " I asked him as I gulped the whole glass and placed it on the counter aggressive asking for another shot.

Mark just smirked as he poured another one, " I see you've met Gary " He said as he watched me gulp down the second glass. We both stared at the Texas guy from earlier and I just got disgusted by him.

I rolled my eyes, " He's so gross " I said asking for more drink.

He smiled, he knew me in and out and he knew just the right word to say to me at every damn moment, he was perfect.

" Here you go darling, tonight I want you to drink your soul away, drink until you burst! "

I did as he said and it got to a point I couldn't anymore, I wanted to dance the night away, I staggered off to the dance floor where Lyra was and tapped her shoulder.

She was making out with a guy that I was sure I had seen before or maybe it was the alcohol but I didn't care.

" Bitch? " she said " You're drunk already?"

I laughed sinisterly and winked at her, she probably thought I was crazy. If my calculations were correct we haven't been in the club for up to an hour but look at me, drunk.

" You know what you always say, you only die once " I said as I started dancing to the beat rather drunkenly but I didn't care.

I started screaming the lyrics to the song with Lyra who didn't care about my situation anymore.

While dancing I hit something or rather someone, I turned around to find a huge figure towering over me. I tried hard  to make out his face but I couldn't, his hair covered his face and I couldn't make out exactly who he was but I didn't need to see his face to know he was hot!

" And who are you? " I asked staggering, finding it hard to maintain balance.

He smirked and his next move was what shocked me he pulled me closer by the waist and leaned down towards my ear.

" Your forever!  " He whispered.

After that statement I felt something, what I felt two years ago when I first saw Mateo.

The air between us seized and it felt like we were the only ones in the room, his scent, musk and vanilla filled the room and my skinned burned begging to be touched by him, I could only hear one thing and that was his heartbeat. My heartbeat had quickened and all I wanted was to be in his arms, in a strangers arms.

And for the first time after two years I felt my wolf, I could feel her presence and right now she was happy, she was ecstatic to be close to him, who ever he was. She wanted this feeling to last forever. But I didn't understand what was going on, who was he?

It wasn't possible, There was no way. It couldn't be, there was no way that he was my.....


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