My Nascent Soul Ran Away Again

[Easy, Invincible] "I, Lu Xuan, the first genius of the Great Truth Sect!" "At the age of nine, I entered the Body-Strengthening Stage. At twelve, I entered the Qi-Refining Stage. At fifteen, I entered the Foundation-Establishment Stage. At eighteen, I entered the Golden Pill Stage. Every three years, I achieved a new stage!" "At this rate, one day, I will become the youngest immortal in the Eternity Realm. I will shatter the void and ascend to the heavens, and it's just a matter of time!" Lu Xuan, who transmigrated into a world of immortals and martial arts, experienced the darkest day of his life on his twenty-first birthday. On that day, he successfully formed his Nascent Soul step by step. However, before he could even enjoy the joy of the breakthrough, he witnessed his Nascent Soul leaving the lotus platform and soaring out of his body... In the years that followed, every time Lu Xuan formed a Nascent Soul, it would fly away without exception. After releasing countless Nascent Souls for nine thousand years, Lu Xuan made a discovery... He had successfully achieved the Golden Body!

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Ashes to Ashes, Earth to Earth

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What Lu Xuan asked was not an ordinary question.

He was using the Confucian Sect's method of questioning one's heart, called "Three Reflections".

"Three" here referred to many, which was different from the secular meaning.

When using this technique, the Confucian Sect cultivators would place a mirror in front of them and ask themselves questions to reflect and dissect themselves.

Today, Lu Xuan used it on Immortal Huan Zhen.

With his cultivation base, even Immortal Huan Zhen's Dao heart would be shattered by his repeated questions.

Immortal Huan Zhen's expression was blank as Lu Xuan patted her shoulder lightly.

A shadow left Ling Yufei's body; it was Immortal Huan Zhen's true spirit.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Lu Xuan sighed. "It's time for you to be freed from your obsession."

He stretched out his hand and pointed at Immortal Huan Zhen's forehead.

A clear light illuminated and Immortal Huan Zhen's true spirit and dragon's body started to dissipate.

Lu Xuan nodded slightly and circulated his spell.

The surrounding space changed and returned to the original appearance of the hall. The star chains on the cultivators also disappeared on their own.

However, this was not the only change.

Immortal Huan Zhen's consciousness dissipated, but the true spirit phantom turned into specks of starlight. Starlight spread out, turning the hall into a sea of light, enveloping everyone.

Lu Xuan looked at the scene before him and did not stop it.

This was the purest mental power that Immortal Huan Zhen had left behind after her consciousness disappeared.

When mighty figures passed away, their bodies would often turn into Dao Laws and nourish the world.

In ancient times, the bodies of many mighty figures would turn into mountains and rivers after they died, forming a secluded domain of heaven and earth, or even a world.

Immortal Huan Zhen didn't have a body, but her soul was very strong. After her true spirit dissipated, she left behind this spiritual essence.

Lu Xuan took two sips and smacked his lips. He felt that it didn't taste bad.

Immortal Huan Zhen's true spirit had already dissipated, leaving behind only the purest mental energy that could be absorbed and refined by ordinary cultivators.

If the pure energy from a Red Dust Immortal's soul was released to the outside world, it would probably cause a huge commotion. Even the immortal sects would fight for it.

However, Lu Xuan did not choose to take this sea of light. This was an opportunity shared by all the cultivators in the hall. He would not go so far as to steal it away.

Moreover, it was not very useful to him. The two sips he had taken earlier were to ensure that there were no hidden cards within it.

This was a habit that Lu Xuan had developed over the years. Just like when he was weak in the past, there were big shots that brought him into the mystical realm. When they encountered good things, they would give them to Lu Xuan. It could be said that everyone who saw them would get a share.

It was the same for him now that he had grown up.

Therefore, Lu Xuan had always been generous. As a great senior, when he met polite juniors in secret realms, ruins, and other places, he would choose to guide them like the big shots he met in the past.

This was called passing on the torch.

The cultivators were enveloped by the sea of spirit and fell into a deep sleep. Their bodies began to absorb this pure spiritual energy on their own.

Cultivation was not against the use of external objects, as long as one did not rely on them. Moreover, the mental energy of the Red Dust Immortal after she passed away was a good thing.

Taking advantage of the fact that the disciples were unconscious, Lu Xuan found the sapling of the World Tree and took the immortal robe off Ling Yufei.

The Saintess of Sky Sword Mountain was lucky. After Immortal Huan Zhen controlled her, she didn't kill her soul.

She didn't know if Immortal Huan Zhen was going to refine her into a precious medicine or use her as a container for her soul so that she could be with her Dao partner.

Lu Xuan wandered around the hall, looking at this cultivator and then at that disciple. Then, he came to a conclusion.

In terms of talent and looks, this group of people combined was inferior to Cheng Lingzhu alone.

Unfortunately, the Dushi Sword House did not allow outsiders to take in disciples.

Lu Xuan felt regretful.

Immortal Hong Chen's soul power was pure and nourishing, but there was a limit to how much a cultivator could absorb.

In less than a minute, even Saintess Ling Yufei, who had the highest realm, had been fed to the point that she was overflowing.

Lu Xuan nodded slightly. At this moment, the entire sea of spiritual light changed.

A huge whirlpool suddenly formed on the calm sea surface. A large amount of seawater surged and was swallowed by the whirlpool.

Lu Xuan looked at the center of the whirlpool. It was actually Cheng Lingzhu.

He was speechless. In just a moment, she absorbed the entire sea of light, and not a single bit was wasted.

Lu Xuan was stunned.

After the other disciples absorbed a small portion of the energy, they were satiated.

How could this little girl drink so much?

Although her cultivation didn't seem high, she did not really consume a small amount.

The mental energy of the deceased Immortal Hong Zhen was only beneficial to cultivators and was not harmful.

Lu Xuan knew this very well.

However, he still reached out and tapped Cheng Lingzhu's forehead to confirm her condition.

Everything was normal.

Lu Xuan was puzzled but relieved.

Because Cheng Lingzhu had absorbed too much energy, she couldn't digest it for a while, so she hadn't woken up yet.

The other disciples in the hall had already woken up.

However, at this moment, the hall was silent, even quieter than before.

The disciples of the major sects stood where they were and looked at Lu Xuan who was not far away. Even though the restraints on their bodies had been removed, no one moved a single step.

Lu Xuan blinked. He knew that this group of people had just escaped death. What happened today was too much of a shock to them, and their spirits were a little affected.

Lu Xuan thought that the young people in the cultivation world were not mentally strong.

Didn't he just kill a Red Dust Immortal? Was it that shocking?

Don't look down on Golden Core cultivators!

Everyone looked at Lu Xuan. Hong Yu, who was closest to him, took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Your great kindness…"

"Stop." Lu Xuan stopped him. "Hey, I'm a proper Golden Core cultivator, but I have a secret artifact with me just in case."


Everyone looked at each other.

For a moment, they did not know if they should believe him. There were many things that took a lot of effort to explain.

Therefore, Lu Xuan did not say much and walked to the front of the table.

After killing the demons, they naturally had to discuss the distribution of the artifacts.

He stretched out his hand and extinguished the Dao Fire on it. He held the sapling of the World Tree and said, "I contributed the most in this mystical realm trial. There's no problem with this tree being mine, right?"

Lu Xuan was not a pretentious person. He had always been humble and was not hypocritical. He should have taken it himself, so he didn't have to be shy and refuse. Instead, he should have said it openly.

"There's no problem," all the disciples said in unison.

According to their understanding, the cultivators were naturally the strongest. They would think that it was only right and proper for their senior brother to take the entire cave abode away, let alone a sapling of the World Tree.

In the eyes of the disciples of the major sects, there was no such thing as first come, first served when it came to the search for opportunities.

Cultivation emphasized the principle of 'treasure belonging to the virtuous.'

The 'virtue' here referred to martial virtue.

The disciples of the major sects all believed that the treasure was found, but it could not be considered to have an owner.

Only by winning and occupying it could it be considered his own. If it was lost or snatched away on the way, it was naturally fated.

Everyone was very realistic.