14 Who are you ?

Kevin finally turned to Axel and said : "It will be more convenient if you changed back to your human form, right ?"

Axel looked at him in the eye and saw that Kevin looked determined not to sit here quietly waiting for him to come back from the dungeon, he thought that indeed, to negotiate with him it was better to be in his human form.

He saw that Kevin had his magic bag with him and he really hoped that he had a change of clothes inside or they were both going to find themselves in a very embarrassing situation.

Axel shapeshifted to his human form under Kevin's amazed gaze, and Kevin couldn't help but admire the perfectly sculpted body that appeared before his eyes.

Axel was standing completely naked right in front of him and his hands were itching to touch those perfect abs and pecs just to see if they were as hard as they seemed to be.

And what could he say about the monster Axel had between his legs that was slowy waking up under his gaze.

Axel cleared his throat before saying : "Sorry to appear like this in front of you but do you have any extra clothes in your magic bag ?"

Kevin had to use all his willpower to finally stop staring at Axel's body, and he even turned to stop being tempted.

He threw his magic bag at him, and he said to Axel : "Help yourself, there are also weapons so take whatever you need for."

Axel was smiling, he could see from Kevin's reaction that he wasn't indifferent to him but he was also surprised, not that Kevin had turned around, but that Kevin had given him his magic bag.

That meant Kevin trusted him, or may be he had just nothing to hide. He finally opened the magic bag curious to see what was inside and Axel's smile froze when he saw everything that was inside his magic bag.

He had already had doubts when he had seen Kevin train, and when he had confessed to him that he liked to go unnoticed, but now he couldn't help asking him the question : "Damn Kevin, but who the hell are you at the end ?"

Kevin turned his head towards him and seeing that he was still naked he said, looking away again : "Get dressed first, then we'll talk."

Axel found some clothes that looked loose and put them on right away, he also took a pair of daggers whose blades were just a little shorter than his forearms, and he approached Kevin and hugged him from behind.

Kevin let him doing whatever he wanted, even though one of his daggers was now very close to his throat, Axel said to him close to his ear : "I want to trust you Kevin, so give me a good reason to."

Kevin then asked him : "What do you want to know ?"

Axel sighed, threatening Kevin with his own daggers won't do him any good, and he risked breaking the bond they were just making.

He then took a decision and planted the two daggers in the ground in front of them, he ran his hands under Kevin's sweater and circled his waist with them, pressing him more against him.

Kevin hadn't expected this turn of event and he felt his heartbeat quicken. Axel's hands were warm and he could feel his huge erection against him, one thing was sure, it was that he didn't let him indifferent.

Axel then said after kissing his neck, which gave him a strange feeling of pleasure : "Your magic bag doesn't correspond to that of an orphan, and even less that of a mage.

Your fighting technique and the way you move don't match with the fact that you are a mage too.

And yet, Alan told me about your test result, so you are undoubtedly a mage, and one with a lot of potential with that.

Kev, I just want the truth, tell me who you really are."

Kevin hadn't intended to tell anyone the truth about his transmigration into this body, but for the first time in his life he wanted to trust someone.

He turned his head to Axel and said : "You won't believe me if I tell you the truth."

Axel had made the decision that no matter who he really was, it wouldn't change how he felt about him, so he said after kissing his cheek : "You won't know if you don't try. Tell me who you really are."

Kevin, who had remained tense until now, decided to take advantage of this moment and let himself go against Axel's body, he ended up confessing to him : "This body is not mine, I come from another world where magic doesn't even exist … Do you want the long version or the short version ?"

Axel thought about it carefully and figured that they would have more time to chat later, after all the dungeon was in front of them and he didn't know how long it would take to completely loot it.

So he said to him : "Tell me the short version for the time being, and don't forget that you have to convince me to take you to this dungeon with me, if I'm not satisfied you'll just sit there waiting for me."

Kevin laughed heartwarmthly and then looked at him serious again : "In my world, I was considered the best assassin of all time, I got rich at a young age and created an organization specializing in assassination. I thought I had become powerful enough to protect myself from all dangers but I was wrong.

I had become a threat to those who were ruling my world and so, they decided to kill me.

I had to continuously run away from the last 5 years but eventually they managed to catch me and kill me.

When I woke up I found myself in this weak body which had also been killed by an asshole in an alleyway in the city while he was making his way to join your Sect.

In short, I killed this asshole, took his possessions and sold them.

I'm lucky enough to share Kevin's memory, so I took his name and I decided to try to become a mage, because without wanting to offend you, I'm not sure I would have learned anything by becoming a fighter.

Is it enough for you ?"

Axel thought this explanation suited Kevin's character better so he accepted it but he couldn't help but ask him : "What is your real name and age, and how many men did you kill before you died ?"

Kevin chuckled and turned his head to look at Axel in the eye : "Do you really wanna know that ?"

Kevin didn't understand why Axel wanted to know how many men he had killed before he had died, was it to be sure he was able to survive in the dungeon ?

In reality Kevin was wrong, Axel just wanted to know if he had succeeded in making the men who had hunted him pay.

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