17 Birthmark

The sound of the System then echoed again in his head and on the holographic screen appeared a message similar to those he had already received.

[ Congratulations, you killed a level 10 Knight Goblin, you earned 450 gold coins, 150 exp points and a low grade box. ]

[ Congratulations, you have leveled up, 1 point has been added to all your STATS. ]

Kevin still couldn't believe it, if fighting monsters gave him so much experience points, he would need to find more dungeons in the future to train.


Name : KEVIN

Race : Human

Level 3

Class : Mage

Exp : 80 / 300

Strength : 6

Agility : 6

Stamina : 6

Soul force : 186

Perception : 12

HP : 26 / 30

Axel came up to Kevin's side and took his hand he had used to stab his blade into the knight goblin's eyes.

Axel frowned and said : "Good thing you have everything we need to take care of that wound in your magic bag, we can't afford it to get infected.

Maybe you should just bandage each of your hands if you're going to use your blades like this, I felt that you had two more on your back earlier and may be you have put some elsewhere too, right ?"

Kevin nodded feeling a little strange, it was the first time that someone had ever care for him, and actually, it was a great feeling.

He took out what he needed to heal and bandage his hands as Axel had suggested, but Axel didn't intend to let him do it.

He took care of the wound on Kevin's hand himself and bandaged both of his hands to limit his injuries.

Axel asked him then : "So, how many blades do you have on you ?"

Kevin smiled and said : "Always six, not counting my daggers of course, two on the back, one on each forearm and one on each thigh."

Once his hands were bandaged he said to Axel : "Thank you, it's much better this way."

Axel replied, ruffling his hair : "You're welcome."

He then added, his eyes shining with excitement : "That monster probably had to protect something, let's go to check it out Kev."

Kevin smiled, Axel seemed to love looting dungeons so he asked him : "Axel, is it easy to find dungeons ?"

Axel promptly replied : "Not really, there are only about 40 to 50 opening around the Sun Sect every month and everyone is arguing for them."

He saw that Kevin looked disappointed so he told him : "If you really like it, I could always try to find us some in more remote places.

But I don't promise you that every time I'll let you fight, you will see when we will get to the boss room that these monsters can be very dangerous."

Kevin nodded and said : "I would love that very much, it's perfect for training and on top of that it's super exciting this treasure hunt."

Just as he finished his sentence the System sound echoed once more in his head, and a message appeared of nowhere pointing a rock towards the end of the tunnel.


Kevin grabbed Axel's hand and dragged him towards this rock, at first glance it was an ordinary rock but Kevin leaned over to examine it more closely and after fumbling around he finally found a mechanism that looked like a lock.

He looked more closely and then said to Axel : "Axel, you think that with my dagger you can destroy this lock."

Axel was kneeling near the rock to see what Kevin was doing, but he never could have discovered that this rock was a hidden box, so how Kevin had guessed it ?

It was obvious that it was the first time for Kevin to enter a dungeon … so how ?

Axel took his chin and swiveled it towards him : "If you want me to trust you, I told you to tell me the truth, so how did you find this hidden box ?"

Kevin sighed slapping his hand : "You were the one who wanted me to tell you the short version, remember, I had no intention of hiding it from you, even though I think I'm already lucky that you believe me so far."

Axel then caressed his cheek with his thumb which made him blush and he said to him : "Even if I still had doubts, and that wasn't the case, they would have been swept away seeing you fighting those goblins ... So Kev, what are you still hiding from me ?"

Kevin told him : "I hope you have an open mind Axel. And stop doing that, I can't concentrate."

Kevin removed his hand from his face and while Axel smiled because of his behavior he said to him : "Three days ago, Kevin turned 18 and the director of the orphanage then gave him two things, 20 gold coins to enroll in the Sun Sect, and a book his parents had left for him.

This book was sealed and he didn't manage to open it, as for me, luckily, I had seen you train with your sword otherwise Alan would never have talked to me about the blood pact that you made with your sword.

Anyway, I tried this method to open it and it worked."

Axel opened his eyes wide and said : "You mean this book was a magical artifact."

Kevin nodded, he stood up and took off his clothes to show him the pentagram that had appeared on his chest, maybe Axel would know more about its meaning.

Axel didn't have time to appreciate the sight of Kevin's bare chest as his gaze fell on the mark on his chest and he instantly turned pale.

Kevin saw his reaction and asked : "What's the matter ? In fact, this mark appeared when I opened the book."

Axel stood up and leaned against the wall of the tunnel, then he said to him : "You really don't know the meaning of this mark, do you ?"

Kevin shook his head as he waited for the rest and Axel continued : "It's a birthmark Kev, it means you belong to the royal family. And no matter how recently this mark has appeared, with it you can inherited the throne.

Congratulations, you just have to go to the capital and all doors will be open to you."

Kevin smiled at him, he had understood the sarcastic tone with which he had said that and he saw that Axel was very upset, he probably think that he would leave him to go to this capital and enjoy this kind of treatment.

He was damn too cute to act like this. He got dressed and came to put himself in his arms, he said to him : "I already told you that I had no intention of leaving and that I wanted to stay with you."

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