165 Stella's first time [R-18][4/4]

Chapter 165: Stella's first time [R-18][4/4]

Pah! Pah! Pah!

After hearing Alex's groans for more than one minute, Stella's heart bloomed with a new kind of fuel. That energy coursed through her whole body, mainly gathering around her ass and legs as she slapped that soft on Alex!

Her ass continuously shook as she devoured Alex's cock.

"Keep going… You are… so good…" Alex groaned, puffing his chest as he was actually enduring Stella's assault.

That was because he knew that he no longer had endless stamina. That was the result of his goddess falling for him.

Alex wasn't even disappointed or irritated by that.

In fact, he would never forget the image of Stella seeming like a mortal yet like a goddess hovering her curves above his cock, preparing to devour him.

If he could paint or draw, he would surely bring that scene out of his mind and show it to her.


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