1 Award Ceremony

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The Golden Globe Awards was an event whereby the world's best films and actors gathered.

It was a place where countless directors and actors flocked to, and it was regarded as the highest place in the sacred hall of film.

That day was the 34th Golden Globe Awards ceremony. There were many celebrities gathered, and there were many crazy fans surrounding the venue.

As the celebrities continued to enter the venue, the fans' cheers also grew louder.

"Ahhhh! Brother, you're the best!"

"We will always support you. Brother, you don't have to feel any pressure!"

"Sister is so beautiful! How can there be such a good-looking person? Is she an angel? She must be an angel!"

Right at this moment, a black sports car drove over. The initially bustling crowd suddenly fell silent.

Some of the new fans were confused. They didn't know who the newcomer was. Why was he so ostentatious?

However, those fans who had been in the entertainment industry for many years were all excited. There were even a few whose eyes had turned red.

It was because they all knew that this was the exclusive vehicle of that top legend.

The fans calmed down, as if they were waiting for a god to descend.

The sports car came to a stop, and the doors rose up as if they were the wings of a giant bird spreading open.

The moment the man's figure was revealed from behind the door, the sounds of cheering and flashing lights intertwined, pushing the atmosphere to an absolute climax!

He's here!

A pair of long legs wrapped in straight black trousers stepped out firmly.

Following his slender and well-proportioned legs was a silver handmade tie that was meticulously tied. Coupled with the man's cold and distant handsome face and clean golden short hair, there was a sense of abstinence.

His eyes were as blue as the ocean, and they were as beautiful as Lake Baikal.

He was already used to this kind of scene, and did not show any other expression on his face. He only glanced at the cheering fans and raised his eyebrows indifferently—this was considered a greeting.

This slight movement did not escape the eyes of the fans.

"Help! Brother's gaze almost knocked me out!"

"How can there be such a charming person in this world? I'm going to scream!"

"Our brother is here. Sisters, the trophy is almost guaranteed!"

Paul didn't care about the commotion he caused. He continued to walk forward steadily until he entered the venue and left the fans' line of sight.

He still didn't like noise.

As a legend who had won four Best Actor awards in a row, Paul had a high position in the circle, so he was placed in the front row.

There was an endless stream of people who came to greet him enthusiastically, but they were all stopped by his cold face.

The awards ceremony soon began. The stage was packed with speeches, performances, and awards presentations.

But none of this seemed to have anything to do with him.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the ring finger on his left hand.

It was an exquisite diamond ring.

Therefore, the new starlet sitting next to Paul was surprised to find that her senior Paul, who had always been known for his cold face, was actually smiling gently at his hand!

"Next, we will reveal the list of Best Actor for this year's film festival!"

Paul looked at the stage casually. He was determined to win, but there was always a possibility.

However, reality proved that this "possibility" did not exist.

"I hereby announce that the Best Male Lead award goes to—"

"Paul, the lead actor in the movie, Sound of Breeze."

As soon as these words were spoken, thunderous applause resounded throughout the venue.

The camera panned to Paul.

There was no joy or excitement on Paul's face. After all, he had won Best Actor four times in a row, and this was only the fifth time…

Therefore, he maintained his nonchalant attitude and walked onto the stage to give his acceptance speech.

The fans watching the live broadcast outside had already reached the peak of their expectations for him. The cheers almost overturned the entire award ceremony venue.

They would never have thought that tonight would be their sleepless night.

"I'm determined to win this trophy because I'm going to dedicate it to someone." That was the first thing Paul said.

The originally smiling reporters were collectively stunned. Then, their eyes lit up. This was an omen for the headlines!

"I will dedicate this trophy to my Aphrodite, the angel in my heart."

No one could hear what he said after that. There was only one thought in everyone's mind.

That was—The person who was considered the ceiling of the industry was suspected to be dating!

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