My Hero Academia: Kaguya's rebirth

This is the story of Kaguya Otsutsuki as she lives her new life given to her. Will she make the most out of a second chance? Find out as you read her story.

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Getting A second chance

(Kaguya pov)

"So It happened again... First I got sealed by my sons, now their decendents reincarnations. I wonder where I went wrong in all the decisions I've made over time."

 (Regular Pov) 

Kaguya Was Covered In the darkness, All Alone Again in the Same Pitch Black that she was all too familiar with over the years she was last sealed. Just as she was about to make herself fall asleep and await her next resurrection. A blinding light came all of a sudden and she was in an all-white space. Kaguya was looking around in confusion and thought to herself 'Where am I?' A door appeared in front of Kaguya, she was about to open it when a man wearing a robe opened it and with a smile on his face said "Yo"  

A very confused Kaguya backed up a bit still wondering where she was and who was this strange man in a robe. Noticing her backing up, the man quickly responded with "Wait, I am not a creep." Kaguya quickly turned around to walk away cause she had no access to her chakra or power she possesses otherwise she would have annihilated this strange man.  

"Don't walk away from me." the strange man yelled trying to get Kaguya to come back. Making sure she was some distance away Kaguya turned around and said "If you were suddenly brought to a strange place then a person you never have seen before wearing a robe that probably the only thing he has on, how would you react." Kaguya said while still slowly backing up. 

"I would try to get as far away as possible the man," the man thought out loud. "plus you are naked so I would think that man is a pervert and....." while the man was still talking hearing what the man in front of her just said Kaguya looked down and noticed she really was naked. Heavily blushing while keeping a straight face she tried to run away. The strange man who was talking to himself at this point notice her running and teleported right in front of her and used his power to make her freeze in place. Kaguya was panicking wondering will she will get defiled by the man. The man looked at her and said "I'm not gonna defile you in any way. You are perfectly safe in my presence. Here I will change your nude situation." 


The man snapping his fingers and then all of a sudden Kaguya felt cloth on her skin. It was a white robe like the man had on. "Now if I unfreeze you will you run? I can hear what you are thinking so just tell me in your head."  

'No I will not run cause if I try to you will just freeze me in place again as soon as I try.' Kaguya told the man in her thoughts. "Good," the man said cheerfully. Noticing she can move again Kaguya got out the running position she was in. The man gestured her to come inside the door he was in front of. Kaguya reluctant but she followed him inside. The first thing she noticed how strange the room was it had many colorful books and black flat objects. Telling her to sit on the cushion on the floor in front of a low table. When she sat down she found the cushion very comfy. Patting the table getting Kaguya attention the man said " I'm gonna get straight to the point I'm God" Kaguya gave him a blank stare that just oozes is this person is stupid. "what don't believe me?" the man said with a blank face. "No, I don't" Kaguya answered without a second thought. "Hmmm, so you don't believe me. Ok then I'll send you back to the place you were at then." the man said coldly. 

"Huh?" Kaguya said sounding confused. The man raised his hand then. 


In an instant, she was surrounded by the familiar darkness that she dealt with for many many years. Kaguya began panicking trying to figure out how she was transported back to her seal. She thought of many possibilities she thought she was put in a genjutsu but she was immune to all genjutsu so it led her to the last possibility the man was telling the truth. 

'I believe you just get me out of here' Kaguya cried out in her mind not sure she would get a response. There was no response Kaguya thought she just screwed her only chance to change her life. All of a sudden like before a blinding light covered her vision and she was brought back to the all-white space she was in before. A door appeared and there was the same man that claimed to be a God.


Snapping his fingers a robe appeared on Kaguya's body like before and she went inside the room filled with strange objects and books. The man didn't say anything he just looked at her with a cold face. Kaguya wonders why he didn't say anything got on her knees and bowed saying "Please forgive my ignorance." Now back with a cheerful face, the man opened his mouth and said "Kami, call me Kami" Kami said cheerfully. "Ok, Kami-sama" Kaguya answered.  "Now that's over with I will tell you why I brought you here," Kami told her. Kaguya wondered was wondering why he would bring her of all people to this place. Kami grabbed one of the books off the shelf and placed it beside him. He then told Kaguya "I felt bad for you. You were a nice person but you were forced to kill people to protect yourself then you had no choice but to eat the fruit of the world tree. while the fruit bestowed you the power of chakra it also corrupted your mind and slowly turned you into what you were not too long ago." "Wait not too long ago what do you mean?" Kaguya asked.  

"I freed you from the negative influence the fruit," Kami told her. Kaguya didn't know what to say. In front of her was a person who felt bad for her and understood the actions she took. "I think you need a change of scenery," Kami informed Kaguya. "What do you mean?" Kaguya questioned Kami. 

"To put it in simple terms I'm gonna send you to a different dimension or earth," Kami told her. "So basically you are giving me another life," Kaguya said. "yes" Kami responded. Picking up the book beside him "I'm gonna send you here" Kami told her. When Kaguya read the cover of the book it had the words, My Hero Academia. Kami then explained the world to Kaguya. Kami told her it's a world full of heroes and villains. Good vs Evil he told her. Kaguya then said, "So you want me to live a new life in this world of superpowers?" "yes" Kami answered. "The powers there is called quirk. 80% of the population has a quirk and the other 20% has none. Let's just say they are not treated as equals by some of the 80%." 

"Even in another world humans are still the same," said sounding a bit sad. Kami putting his hand on her shoulder said "yes but there is plenty of good humans not filled with greed in this world you going to. Before I send you off I'm going to reduce and take some of your powers so you won't accidentally kill someone thinking you used a tiny bit of power. And I'll give you 2 wishes." Kaguya didn't know what to say she is eternally grateful to Kami for giving a second chance at life. Kaguya then said "I know what I want for my 2 wishes" "Ok what are they?" Kami asked. "First I want you to seal my memories of my previous world and for my second wish I want to keep the knowledge of my powers and know all the jutsu of my previous world," Kaguya told Kami. Kami's response is" It can be done and I hope you have a good life in your new world. Remember I'll be watching to see how you're doing but I won't watch all the time. Goodbye Kaguya It was nice meeting you." Kaguya smiled and said "It was nice meeting you too and thank you for this second chance you gave me" Kaguya bowed. 

(A/N: Author here and I'm a bit fed up. I've received multiple complaints about Kaguya's nerf. I'm here to tell you the full details of the nerf. First and most importantly I nerfed the 100% power Kaguya. You know the one that took Hagomoro and Hamura months to stop not defeat stop cause she's way stronger than both of them. They sealed her cause they had no other way to stop her. Even then she was holding back cause she didn't want to kill her children only take away their chakra. So 100% Kaguya can make Madara with ten tails look like a genin. Second, the ten tails has significant changes that I can't go into details in. Third I took away all killing ash bones. It's Shigaraki's quirk on steroids. Last I reduced her chakra by a third. I know pretty pointless but she's getting a human body and it can't handle all that chakra. Different universe different rules deal with it. Author out)

"Oh yeah almost forgot. I'll make sure no one can steal or cancel your abilities in your new world. Ok, bye for real this time" Kami said happily with what he had done. Raising his hand. 


(A/N: I feel good about this novel)

I fixed the problem

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