40 No One Disrespects My Women

Alan rushed forward and swung his sword at the vice-captain.


The smile on Alan's face disappeared when he saw the person who blocked his attack.

"Don't interfere!" Alan groaned in anger.

"Please stop!" the captain said in a neutral tone.

Adam impulsively stopped Alan as he entered the arena and saw Alan preparing to attack the vice-captain.


Alan pushed Adam back using his sword.

Adam was surprised by Alan's sudden increase in strength, he has been trained by Adam and William for the past two years.


He has never shown his real strength to anyone. So, William nor Adam knows about his true strength.

"I am asking you again… move aside" Alan's eyes weren't pretty.

He doesn't care who it is, no one should interfere in his decision.

Adam frowned at Alan; he didn't expect Alan to talk to him in that manner.

"No!" Adam asserted with a serious face staring at Alan. He didn't like how Alan treated him in front of his subordinates.

He didn't try to find the reason for Alan's actions, he was only focused on stopping Alan before he does something stupid.


Alan's crazy laugh echoed throughout the arena.

All eyes were on Alan.

Only his eyes and teeth were visible as he covered his face with his left hand while holding the sword in his right.

A dark aura was slowly being released from Alan's body which shaped itself into the form of a devil on Alan's back.

It sent a shiver down everyone's spine, including Hannah and Juna. They have never seen Alan angry before.

Alan stopped laughing and glared at Adam as a weird smile grew on his face.

It was exactly like the first time they spared, no… no even worse.

'He isn't a cub anymore' Adam thought inwardly.

Alan raised his sword slowly and pointed it at Adam "so… you are going to stop me hahaha, let's see how you do that"

Alan's sword glowed radiant blue as well as Adams.

They stared at each other and siiisshh….


They met in the middle of the ground.

Clung clung

They exchanged strikes.

At every strike, Alan's speed and power kept increasing at an unimaginable pace.

Adam was being pushed back bit by bit.

Adam gripped his sword tighter and muttered "you forced me to do this", mana started overflowing from his body. It slowly covered his whole body with blue mana. It was like a layer of shield.


Alan tightened his teeth; he could feel the real power of swordsmen with five mana circles.

He stepped back, but before he could regain his posture. Multiple blue lines attacked Alan.

He wasn't able to dodge them, it clearly showed his battle experience.

He was calm and aimed at Alan's vital parts, he knew when to attack and when to defend.




Adam kept attacking before Alan could heal himself using mana, of course, he knew Alan's power as well as his weakness.

"Alan…" The twins screamed in harmony.

"let's stop here!" Adam spoke at the dust storm created by his attacks.

"What do mean stop" Alan walked out of the dust cloud with just small injuries, his clothes were torn here and there other than that he was completely fine.

That surprised everyone.

"No way!" a soldier exclaimed in shock. As if he had witnessed a miracle.

Adam narrowed his eyes; he was sure that all his attacks landed and there is no way Alan could recover that fast.

"Hah hah…. I love that face" he enjoyed when watching people's shocked reaction when he does something far beyond what their tiny fish brains could comprehend. They had expected Alan to have broken a couple of his bones.


People always underestimate him and he doesn't know why.

'Do I look like a sack of bones?' Alan wondered glancing at his body.

He is just eighteen and his body still has time to grow, but his physique wasn't bad for an eighteen-year-old.

If we had to describe it in one word it would be "Perfectooo…."

What do you expect from a madman who has been training every single day for the past two years?

And their reason for being surprised is to be expected, even if he was able to recover using his mana.

It was not possible to recover from the Adams attacks, it would at least take him ten to fifteen minutes to recover.

That would have been the case if he was still in first mana circle but Alan has already formed his second circle.

Now, he was able to heal at a faster rate compared to before.

Adam rushed towards Alan without thinking, he swung his sword at Alan.


Adam's sword was blocked before he got in contact with Alan's body.

Sparks were hopping around like dolphins throughout Alan's body violently, the sparks were blocking his sword before Adam could land the hit.


Alan placed his sword on Adam's neck as his pupils began to constrict "This isn't training."

Alan knew it was not possible to defeat Adam without using his elements. He was still in second circle.

Adam was caught off guard again, Alan had never used his attribute when training with Adam.

So, he had completely ignored… tch tch tch he had completely forgotten the fact that Alan was a lightning mage and the heir to the Zeus Clan.


Adams swept swam down his face and dripped on Alan's black katana.

He was sweating like crazy, of all the people in the arena Adam knew Alan the best.

He never lets go of anyone once he gets a grip on them.

A lion never lets go of a deer's neck once it gets a hold of it, it will wait until the deer dies of pain and then enjoy eating a delicious meal.

The predator here is Alan and the prey is Adam the deer.

It was an instinct to be afraid of someone stronger than you.


Adam was on his knees, bowed his head and muttered "please forgive me… Young Lord"

"You think that's going to solve everything…" Alan roared at the squad, "bring me the soldiers who disrespected my women"

'…?' Adam now found the reason for this whole mess.

The soldiers immediately separated themselves from the group of culprits.

"So, it was you guys" Alan spoke in a neutral tone but his face was controlled by rage.

"What is happening here?" William and Catherine walked into the arena followed by Anna as William questioned Alan when he saw the captain more importantly best friend kneeling in front of his son.

Alan didn't respond, actually, he never heard his father in the first place. His concentration was solely focused on the culprits.

"Alan" Catherine called in a normal tone.

Alan's head trailed towards the voice. He found his mom and dad staring at the scene with widened eyes.

"Yes, mother" Alan spoke with a gentle smile on his face. His face changed so quickly, and how in the world can you smile when you are holding a sword to someone's neck?

Only Alan could do that, he isn't your average teenager. He is an irregular, a mad man, a monster.

Yes, a man who believes firmly in himself and his decisions.

Catherine and William walked towards Alan, she asked after they arrived in a neutral tone "Tell me, what's happening here?"

Alan spoke in a cold tone "I am just cleaning out the garbage from the squad"

"…Eh?" his parents didn't understand what he meant.

Catherine nodded at Hannah and Juna. Hannah moved closer to Catherine.

While Hannah was explaining everything Alan gave Adam a warning which made everyone break out in cold sweat.

Sparks of lightning were released from Alan's body; his hair was moving against gravity.

The clouds started to gather around in the arena on a sunny morning, they covered the brisk bright sun.


Thunderclaps accompanied by lightning were raging around the mansion.

Alan glared angrily at the group; he retracted the sword from Adams neck.

"pl..leeasee…. forgive…usss"




Lightning bolts streamed towards the culprits who disrespected the twins were burned into ashes.

"Ahhhh…. Help" their screams were heard throughout the mansion.

After wiping the insects,

He spoke in an alarming tone which made everyone legs weak in fear.

"This is my last warning to all of you. If anyone dares to disrespect my women, you will be the next to accompany them."

"Alan" Juna spoke in a neutral tone. Hannah was sacred when she witnessed Alan's real power.

Juna was the same, but she was trying to act calm and cool.

She didn't want to show her weak side to Alan except that she lusts over him, well that's a different category of weakness… Hehehe.

Alan flashed a gentle smile when he saw how Hannah and Juna reacted.

'That's the woman I love' Alan loved how Hannah was shy and honest. How Juna was putting up a bold face despite her sweat visibly dripping down her face.

"Hah hah cute" Alan commented glancing at his fiancées.

Alan walked to his woman after saying this to Adam "I hope you learnt your lesson because there won't be a next time…." His face turned neutral "you are alive not because you are the captain nor because you are my father's best friend. You are alive only because of Victoria, I don't want to see her sad…"

"…" Catherine and William remained silent, what could they even say in this situation?

Should they warn Adam or should they lecture Alan to control his anger?


After all, Alan was not in the wrong here. No man would stay still after such disrespect.

Anna took Alan and the twins inside the mansion as instructed by Catherine.

William said with a sad face looking at Adam "report to me later."

Catherine and William followed Alan.

Adam stood up and let a deep breath out "I am so stupid" he hung his head down. He was disappointed in himself.

He should have stopped Alan and interrogated his squad.

Well, Alan never gave him time for all this. Even so, it was his duty as a captain to resolve this problem.

But now…

He had damaged his relationship with his future son in law, Victoria would hate him if she gets the news of today's events.

Adam knew Alan very well in one aspect, he never forgives people easily.

Everyone was back inside the mansion and were sitting in the hall.

Alan was sitting on a couch with Hannah and Juna.

Anna was standing behind the couch looking away from Alan. She was still hurt by the scene she witnessed in Alan's bedroom.

Catherine and William were sitting on a couch in front of Alan. Their faces were expressionless.


William sighed, he took two black bottles from his storage and placed it in front of Alan.

"Hannah… Juna take this."

"Take a drop from this bottle" Catherine instructed with a gentle smile.

"…" Hannah and Juna kept staring at the bottle.

"Take it" they took the bottle immediately as they heard Alan's words.



A white light covered their bodies.

Their cat ears and tails were slowly diapering from the sight. After a couple of seconds, they vanished completely.

Their eyes remained golden, but their pupils were reshaped to a sphere from a diamond.

"Huh?" Hannah was startled, she kept rubbing her head in search of her ears. She moved her hand closer to the neck…

Her eyes widened, she had human ears. Her tail disappeared.

Juna was shocked as well, but she remained calm and didn't overact. She knew this has to be some magic potion; she knew there was no way to turn them human.

Yes, you can't just change their species with a magic position.

"What is this?" Alan asked with a curious face.

"This is a magic potion I prepared for them…" Catherine continued "Their senses and powers will not be affected, just their appearance. They will look like humans for eighteen hours .when the effect is gone their ears and tails will appear again"


"I am relieved," Alan said with a happy face.

"I thought I won't be able to touch their tails again" Alan loved touching their ears and stroking their tail.

"But be careful not to use too much mana, if you do the effects will disappear immediately" Catherine spoke with a serious face.

Hannah and Juna nodded with a smile.

They were worried about staying away from Alan when he enters the academy.

But now, they could go to academy with Alan.

"Ah yes, I have broken through. I will go choose my new skill" Alan got up from his seat. He had not told Hannah and Juna about him having dual elements. They just knew he was a magic swordsman.

"Skill?" Juna was confused.

"Yeah, I have two elements" Alan blurted it out.

"What did you just say!" Hannah and Juna got up from their seat in shock. Their face had multiple expressions.

Just as he was about to leave the hall, a maid entered "master miss Gagola has come to visit you."

"Ok I will go meet her first" Alan left without saying much about his second element.

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