134 They are copying you

The airplane landed just in time. The weather was great, so it didn't cause any delay in the flight.

The man took his luggage and left the airport without further delay.

As he was waiting outside the airport, he took off his sunglasses to have a good look of the surrounding. The whole view reflected in his deep black eyes ( In the previous chapter, I  first mentioned his eye color as brown then I changed it to black. I am sorry I wrote it wrong at first. His eye color is black.) as he scrutinized every inch of them.

"It's been a while." He murmured.

He took out his phone and called for his car. But he didn't check in to hotel first. Instead he went straight to the place for which he has come to China, 'Skyhigh Development'.


The sweet chirping of birds is ringing in Yuerui's ears as she woke up. The warm sunlight is tickling her soft rosy cheeks.


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