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My future self reborn as Naruto


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What is My future self reborn as Naruto

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My future self who is a doctor and read a lot of fan fictions about Naruto will reborn as Naruto.Try to recreate Uzumaki village. No system. I am not a native and not good at grammar.When ı get inspiration i will write no promised chapter per week or something like that.I hope u like it. cover taken from google not mine. this fan fic written for just fun not for money. I do not own any thing about it.

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I’m not trying to be mean but his my top for you get a proof reader who know english better because the lack of grammar and everything ruins what good pieces you are showing not it a great idea and seem like it could go somewhere but the terrible grammar just makes it a turn off from me wanting to read it and while turn off a lot of potential readers. So my advice is find a proof reader/ editor who good with english to help you


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Language and Grammar aside as we can't really be judging something which may not be the author's main tongue which could be improved over time. The flow or direction of the story, so far, is well thought of. Disregarding IRL stuff as this is a work of fiction and a fan fiction of the said fiction. The author has established the MC's background as both a reincarnator and main story's protagonist. For the rest, it would be best to wait for more of the current story to be told as it has just started to link with the main plot from the original series. So any further reviews and critiques should be held till atleast a couple of arcs are completed. Finally, with the Shampoo AD worthy cover of this Fanfic, I give a 4.6⭐️ rating. I would like to continue reading and make another review later on and decide if this will be moved from my regular library list to my exclusive high ranked ones. Thank you and hope you keep it up.


Here i am your author! 3 star for writing quality because this is my fist try and not so perfect 1 for stability of updates because i cannot do it regularly 4 for character and 5 for world background because they mostly come ready. I have some ideas myself and after read a lot of fan fiction i said why not try myself so thats it! hope you will enjoy


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