My First MILF Book

novel - LGBT+

My First MILF

Eva Hore

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What is a lonely college girl supposed to do when the novelty of house-sitting has worn off and the same old lesbian porno magazines have lost their excitement? Find a new hobby, of course.<br><br>An opportunity presents itself in the form of Cynthia, an older single mom who moves in next door. While Cynthia’s working sons are away, it’s time to play. But what begins with a simple fascination quickly turns to obsession. Days spent watching Cynthia sunbathing in the backyard, evenings peeping through her bedroom window, hoping to get a glimpse of something, anything, to break the tedium.<br><br>There’s just one problem: so far, there’s no confirmation Cynthia is even gay.<br><br>But this doesn’t dissuade such a young and infatuated woman; it only makes her want Cynthia more. It isn’t until she spies a chance encounter with Cynthia and one of her son’s friends alone together that she gets her answers, and a little something unexpected.