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Okay I'll be leaving the first Review. I'll say the story or character development is good. I love the female lead. I think the female lead best friend is quite likeable or should I say am already in love with how defensive she is of her friend lol. I guess I just really love friends who tend to be defensive and supportive of their friend.although her loyalty to the female lead is not yet confirmed as she seems to still be a little doubtful. Well I'll be too if I ever find out everything I thought I was turned out to be a lie. And to think she trusted her family so much! Any way her trust issues is justified. Am more curious about the "great devil " I guess he should be the Male lead or not? Anyway I hope the Author throws more light on the great devil and his relationship with the female lead as there are hints he might know her. Or probably he's from her forgotten past or something related to the big secret that will change her life. Overall I'll give the novel a 4.2 for now.As the novel progresses maybe my ratings might increase or decrease but I hope the former bcos I have high expectations and anticipation for this novel. Author pls do try to update regularly, atleast twice a day. Good luck