My dizzy angelMy dizzy angel

My dizzy angel

by Luciana_M

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she is a cheerful girl with a bubbly personality who will do anything for her loved ones but what happens when she stumbles upon a secret and her life takes a complete turn, everything she ever thought she was and had is nothing but a web of lies conjured by her "so called family " will she remain her bubbly self and let faith decide what happens or will she take her own destiny into her own hands and decide her own faith.... Fu yufer: here is the contract go through it and if there is no problem sign it and we can get to work. Han bilu: erm...what is this clause that states I must perform my wifely duties mr fu Fu yufer : it is needed if you want to have a complete access to my resources miss han and besides you don't have to worry as am not in the least bit attracted to you. Han bilu: I hope you remember your words today mr fu.... what happens when Han bilu a bubbly girl with an angelic face and voice meets Fu yufer a complete iceberg and CEO of a multinational company? will she succeed in turning her faith around and beating those who hurt her at their own game or will she go through an even more endless twists of faith?... join Han bilu aka 'Alexandra' as she goes through her journey in changing her faith.... ps: am a novel fanatic and this is my first attempt at writing a novel. I hope you all forgive me in advance for any grammatical errors and I'll try my best to take corrections. so I hope you all help me out and support this novel because I promise it will be totally worth your time and attention, thanks. pls support this novel by voting with your power stones and do spare a moment to leave your reviews of the novel. You can also add the novel to your library and I promise it'll be totally worth your time. Thanks in advance guys - signed * shameless author *

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