92 Tara is sick

It was past 5pm by the time Mia arrived at home.

Her heart began to beat very fast at the thought of bumping into Leo. 

She remembered Mira's words saying she was in love with him. That was absurd right? She hadn't known him for long and she wasn't even sure she was into him beside the attraction she felt around him. So what was the crazy thing about love?

"Absurd!" She scoffed as she opened the door slowly.

When she entered inside, neither Tara nor Leo was in sight but she could hear Tara making whiny voices inside his room.

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Was Leo going to come out? She asked herself. Leo always came out whenever she opened the door.

She looked around and didn't see the shoe he usually wore out and even his house slipper was there. Did he go out by chance? She wondered with a disappointed frown.

She heard Tara's voice again and began to wonder how he was able to live with the dog inside his room. Didn't Tara poo or peed?

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