26 Overreacted

Mia and Leo both had a loud scream come from the door. 

When they looked at the door, Leo saw his sister Chloe, standing there with wide eyes and agape mouth. 

"What... what are you doing?" Chloe asked him before rushing inside the room amd began to hit him with a pillow. 

"What is wrong with women!?" He yelled before finally standing up. 

"What are you doing?" Chloe still could not believe what she had just seen. Was her brother trying to force his way on Mia?

She had come over this morning to speak with Mia. After knocking for a long time, no one opened the door. She had taken a step further to open the door on her own and that was when she heard Mia yelling in the other room. 

She could not make out the words Mia was saying but she had hurried to go check and to her shock, her brother was lying on top of her while pinning her down. What else was a girl supposed to think?

When Leo moved away from her body, Mia stood up immediately while making sure the duvet doesn't fall from her. 

Leo scoffed at his sister before leaving the room. But not without getting a pillow thrown at him from Mia. 

Chloe followed immediately and began to badger him with questions. 

"You had to hit me. Seriously?" He suddenly turned to face her, interrupting her questions.

"What else was I supposed to do? What were you doing to her?" 

Leo scratched his head in frustration. He knew he had gone a bit far with his teasing earlier. 

He had only wanted to annoy Mia since she had been annoying him ever since, but he hadn't expected her to be so soft. When he saw her teary eyes earlier, he thought he was probably seeing things. Since she acted all high, rude and mighty, he hadn't expected a little teasing to break her down and make her cry.

Maybe he was wrong then. But he was still angry. He kept helping her yet he always got scolded in the end. 

"I wasn't doing any of that. Do I look like that kind of person to you?" He asked Chloe with a frown. 

Her lips were pursed. She neither agreed nor disagreed with his question.

He sighed before walking inside the room. He closed the door before Chloe could say anything else. 

He wasn't mad at his sister, no he wasn't. Instead, he was mad at himself. Maybe he was mad at himself for taking things too far or probably because he shouldn't have helped her or even if he had, he shouldn't have slept off on the bed beside her. 

Chloe looked at his door with an unreadable expression. She knew her brother was not that kind of person, but what else was she supposed to think or believe?

When she saw Mia earlier, it was obvious that she was only on her lingerie since she had seen her bra strap. What else was she supposed to do? Mia was also a girl like herself and her first instinct was to fight her brother off. 

If Mia hadn't been shouting, it would have been a different case because she could have easily assumed that they were on it together.

Or maybe did she get things wrong? Was her brother really not doing anything? The only way to know was to ask Mia herself. 

She knocked on Mia's door for the second time but there was still no answer coming from inside.

Mia looked at the bowl of water on the ground with a small towel inside of it. She also saw the satchet of medicine by the bed head and the bowl he had used to feed her soup. 

She suddenly remembered her dream.

In her dream, she was talking to Benjamin. It seemed she had been under the rain for a long time because her whole clothes was wet. They both stood in front of a building to shade them from the rain but unlike her, he was completely dry. 

"You should take your clothes off. You may fall sick if you still leave those on" Benjamin said to her with worry etched in his eyes. 

She knew it was a dream. There was no way Benjamin would ever look at her like that. In fact, Benjamin had never looked at her anyway before. 

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Before she knew it, he began to take her clothes off. She had panicked and then, her eyes fluttered open. 

The light had stung her eyes when she opened it slowly. She had been very weak and her head had been aching like crazy but she remembered someone asking her whether she was okay or awake. She could not exactly remember the question. 

After that, she remembered nothing else. 

Her head was beginning to hurt again. She sighed deeply before closing her eyes and lying back on the bed as she wondered whether she had overreacted. 

She had walked in the rain back here and her clothes had obviously been soaked. Had he really taken care of her the whole night?

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