132 It's not his fault.

As the hour drew nigh, Mia became even more apprehensive. Something told her this whole thing was a bad idea. She didn't know what Mira had been thinking doing all she did and saying it was going to be fun.

She had gone ahead to invite Benjamin that morning after Leo left her room and he had asked if they were going to go there together. She reasoned since she was inviting him over, it only made sense that they went together but Mira had already given her a default answer to that question in case he asked so she had told him she was going to be going early to help organize the place and he could come later while she would wait outside for him.

She had been surprised he had even agreed to it and told her he was going to see her later that night. 

Before Mira left that evening, she had wanted to touch up Mia's face but gasped in shock when she got to the table and saw different cosmetics and make up products there. 

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