174 I don't want to see you again

James tapped lightly on his room's door where Mira had been locked in since morning.

After that party night, he became very cautious amd didn't just want to barge inside the room or bathroom even though it was his room.

"Someone is here to see you." He snuck his head inside to tell Mira who was lying down on the bed and had only muttered dryly for him to come in. 

She sat up and looked at the door, hoping it was neither her mother nor father at the door. As the door widened, surprisingly, it was Mia who was standing there.

If Mira thought she looked awful, Mia looked even worse than her. Her face and eyes were swollen and red. She had shadows under her eyes and her eyes looked tired and lifeless.

"Mia.." Mira called in a weak voice as she quickly got down from the bed.

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