192 They thought, they lost Su Xi!

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Both mother-son duo felt the air was sucked out of their body. No one had even informed Gu Yan or Ye Nian about this and suddenly they appeared out of nowhere.

Su Xi looked at Ye Shing with her doubting eyes but he clearly shook his head that he hasn't contacted anyone else.

How could he?! Was there enough time for him to do anything? No!

'How can they suddenly come to my home after what happened yesterday? Do they understand, in such a grave situation am I?'

But now they are here, she can't directly at them to go, of course, they won't agree too!

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"Make them sit in the living area. I and Ye Shing will be down in a few minutes." Su Xi replied to a butler who nodded his head and was going to leave before he turned around and said,

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