172 Reality of her mother!

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Su Xi felt her throat was now dried as he asked her this. 'Am I hiding something? Yes! But can I tell you about it, then the answer would be absolutely no!' Taking a deep breath, she replied,

"No. What would I hide from you? And please don't interfere in my personal matter for now." She lied but he did not detect her lie also, and this was a relief.

He simply hung up after hearing her words. Her pet line nowadays- don't interfere in my life and he always felt his anger rushing up to his mind.

She was just too persistent to push him and he isn't understanding her reasons. Staring at the buildings outside, Gu Yan can only sigh.

"What Su Xi said?" Shi Yu asked who was sitting on the couch in the office of Gu enterprise.

His voice was calm, as if he had predicted what the answer might be of his.

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