5 Chapter 5: What's Going on with Mr. Wang?_1

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"I know," Xu Wang said calmly.

In this world, Daxia was not the only country that lacked myths and legends.

Just like how Daxia only knew Pangu, the neighboring India only knew Brahma, the Mediterranean countries only knew Khaos, and Northern Europe only knew Yimer.

No one knew anything about the creatures or things created by these gods. It was completely blank.

In the beginning, many people thought that these ancient gods were very powerful, so they used them as blueprints to conceive various worlds to awaken their Card Energy Worlds.

However, the result was unimaginable. No matter how they imagined it, as long as the Card Energy World of these gods was awakened, there would only be one character card for the ancient god. The imagined character would not exist at all.

At the same time, the corresponding Card Buildings in these Card Energy Worlds had 9 stories, but only the bottom three stories had cards, and they were all Supplement Cards.

There were no cards on the 4th to 8th story.

Then there was the only character card in the 9th story, the Ancient God.

On the 9th story of the Card Building, the card quality was purple gold supreme. Logically speaking, it should not be considered a wasteland. However, without the support of other high-quality cards, no matter how strong the Card Designer's mental strength was, it was impossible to create a Supremacy Card.

These four worlds were so famous, but there was only a Supreme Character Card that could not be designed and some Low Tier Auxiliary cards. Naturally, they were called the world's four major Waste Card Energy World.

Mr. Wang shook his head helplessly after receiving Xu Wang's affirmative reply. He seemed to be disappointed that Xu Wang had failed to meet his expectations.

This was because someone had once researched that if one could awaken the spiritual power of the four major Waste Card Energy Worlds, one could at least awaken the Card Energy World with the 6th story of the Card Building.

"Forget it. Although it's called the Waste Card Energy World, the Energy Cards produced by these Card Energy Worlds all carry the aura of Chaos. It's very easy to sell them. At least you won't have to worry about your livelihood in the future!"

"Lin Jin, record it down. Xu Wang has Chaos Fairy Psychic Power. Pangu Epoch-making corresponds to the Waste Card Energy World, with 9th story Card Building."

Mr. Wang said to the class monitor behind him. After saying that, he put away the card and walked towards the students behind Xu Wang.

When the onlookers got this answer, they all laughed.

"So that's how it is. Xu Wang has awakened one of the four Waste Card Energy Worlds. No wonder Mr. Wang just lost his composure."

"Yeah, I thought it was a powerful Newly Created Card Energy World. I thought too highly of him!"

"I heard that the effect of Fairy Psychic Power is very good. It is reasonable to guess that he awakened this because he wants to be a wholesale seller of this power!"

"Hahahahaha, Datou's speculation is reasonable."

"A talent has suddenly become a trash. Mr. Wang didn't say anything more about him. I think he is considered merciful!"

"Alas, how did the powerful legends of our continent disappear? Why are there only some useless things left? How can the legends of Africa be passed down?"

"That's right. Eygpt's Ancient God Cards are abnormally strong. Supremacy Cards come one after another, but we can only come up with our own ideas. Damn it!"

"The most infuriating thing is that many legends have been passed down in Japan, which isn't affected."


There were many discussions.

Xu Wang smiled helplessly. He knew that no one would believe him if he told them that he had a 10-story Card Building. He couldn't be bothered to explain either..

"Xu Wang, can you help me pick up the spirit carving knife? I accidentally dropped it just now. It seems to be under your chair," Chu Jingyi suddenly turned around and pointed at the area below Xu Wang's chair.

Hearing this, Xu Wang lowered his head. There was indeed a dark green knife lying under his chair.

He immediately bent down and picked it up.

However, Xu Wang did not stand up immediately. Instead, he froze because he realized that the floor was covered with dense and very small water droplets. If he did not look carefully, it would be difficult to notice.

"What's wrong? Is the carving knife broken?" Chu Jingyi asked.

"No!" Xu Wang sat up straight and handed over the carving knife. Then, he told her what he found on the floor, "Chu Jingyi, did you notice that the floor is covered in tiny water droplets?"

"Isn't this a normal phenomenon in Xue City?" Chu Jingyi took the carving knife and asked Xu Wang.


Seeing that, Chu Jingyi took out a piece of tissue and wiped the carving knife in her hand. She asked in confusion,

"I'm curious why you want to awaken a Waste Card Energy World. Logically speaking, with such strong spiritual power, as long as you don't deliberately think about the origin of those waste worlds when you awaken, other Card Energy Worlds should be within your reach."

"I was a little nervous and forgot about this," Xu Wang replied.

"If you don't want to say it, then forget it. Thank you for your help," Chu Jingyi frowned slightly and turned around after she finished speaking.

Xu Wang carefully recalled. In his memory, the situation in Xue City was indeed as Chu Jingyi had said. Every year, as long as the weather was hot, the indoor moisture would increase, but it was extremely dry in winter.

Now that it was early summer, 

such a situation was normal.

However, Xu Wang's eyelids kept twitching, making him feel uneasy for some reason as if something was about to happen.

"Oh, I remember. The reason why Xue City is like this in summer is mainly because of the existence of an Ancient Secret Area, 'Dragon Palace Drill Ground'."

It was recorded that since the red fog dissipated, the Ancient Area of Xue City, 'Dragon Palace Drill Ground' had been revived three times. Each time, the tall buildings were flooded, and more than 10,000 people died. Moreover, the secret area was not far from Xue City First High School.

"Perhaps the secret area won't recover on a large scale this year and affect the outside world!" Xu Wang muttered and he picked up a blank Energy Card.

"Who cares if it recovers or not? Even if the sky falls, there will be someone taller to hold it up. Since the materials in the school's Card Designing Lab are free, allow me to make another card!"

Xu Wang began to think about what kind of Auxiliary Card he could design to protect himself in the water.

It wasn't that he didn't want to design a Character Card, but the lowest grade of a Character Card was green. The highest grade of the school's Low Tier Energy Card could only correspond to yellow. It was impossible to design a Character Card from such an Energy Card.

Moreover, he was just a beginner Card Designer.

As for the Life Card, it was just something that some Card Designers with no great aspirations designed to enjoy life. It was useless for survival.

"The Auxiliary Cards are divided into three categories: Implement Card, Magic Card, and Intrinsic Energy Card. The Magic Card has a short lifespan, and the Intrinsic Energy Card is not very useful underwater, so I'll make an Implement Card this time."

"There are many water-controlling talismans in the Foreworld. I don't need to consider those powerful supreme treasures. As long as it's owned by a cultivator from one of the continents."

Xu Wang pondered for a moment and suddenly had an idea. The best treasure that could allow ordinary people to protect themselves in deep water was the Waterproof Bead.

With his experience in creating Energy Cards, Xu Wang quickly finished engraving the exclusive energy pattern on the back of the Energy Card in a few minutes.

Then, he quickly closed his eyes and activated his spirit, quickly connecting the Card Energy World in his mind with the card energy pattern that he had just carved.

In the next moment, the ability to control the Card Energy World's Timeline returned to his consciousness.

According to his mind, it was very easy for the Foreworld's cultivator to make the Waterproof Bead. They only needed to refine the inner core of the water race and it would become an ordinary Waterproof Bead.

Therefore, Xu Wang didn't spend too much time in the Card Energy World before he found the Waterproof Bead in a cultivator's sect near the coast of a continent.

He immediately froze the image. Then, just like how he had made the Energy Card, he followed the frozen image in the Card Energy World and poured his spiritual power on the front of the blank Energy Card.

Ordinary Intrinsic Energy Cards could be stamped at this point. However, for the Implement Card, splashing ink was only considered as completing the sketch. Next, Xu Wang needed to use the Spiritual Pen to draw it.

This was a very taxing process.

Although his eyes were closed, he had an extremely shocking perception of the items related to spiritual power around him.

In the spiritual domain, the various Spiritual Pens, Spiritual Carving Knives, Energy Cards, and other items on the table were all emitting a faint light. It could be said that even if Xu Wang opened his eyes, he might not be able to see it so clearly.

He picked up the Spiritual Pen and slowly drew on the Energy Card.

In the frozen image, the Waterproof Bead was placed on top of a slender palm. It was the size of a ping pong ball and had a translucent aqua-blue appearance.

Drawing was one of the compulsory courses for Card Designers. Although Xu Wang only had the course memory, it was not difficult to draw the Waterproof Bead.

At the same time, Mr. Wang had finished checking the last student and returned to the podium in front of the card designing room.

He glanced at everyone and said,

"Our class is very good. All 64 people in the class have awakened. Among them, there is one person in the 8th story, five in the 7th story, twenty-seven in the 6th story, twenty-five in the 5th story, five in the 4th story, and one in the Waste Card Energy World."

At this point, Mr. Wang deliberately glanced at Xu Wang, only to find that Xu Wang was waving the Spiritual Pen with his eyes closed.

Mr. Wang was delighted.

Interesting. Xu Wang knew that the school's Energy Card could be used for free, so he was actually practicing card designing.

He grinned and continued, "Compared to the previous spiritual classes in the school, your awakening is outstanding."

"Then, I will hand over the data recorded by the class monitor, as well as the Energy Cards designed by each of you, to the school's academic affairs office. During this period, you are free to move around indoors. You can only be dismissed after the school bell rings..."

As Mr. Wang spoke, his body suddenly changed and twisted in an extremely strange manner. In the end, he turned into a ball of water and fell to the ground with a splash.

"Damn, what's going on with Mr. Wang?"

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