My Boss Who Is Secretly A Vampire Book

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My Boss Who Is Secretly A Vampire


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[Mature Content] A humble shop owner struggling to make ends meet in the modern world, storms into a company to demand her money back for a defective vibrator when she meets the arrogant and dangerous boss, Alaric Draconis. In a twisted tale of rags to riches, love and war; something dark lies just beneath the surface, challenging Ari's world as she knows it. There are things out there that prey on humans, hidden councils that keep mortals oblivious to the bloodthirsty beasts that lurk in the shadowed streets of Seattle Washington. In a world of witches, ghosts, succubus', werewolves, and vampires, Ari is the most dangerous piece in the game: a blood doll that strengthens a vampire's ability. The ultimate weapon between warring supernaturals. —————————————————————- Ari used a single hand to dig into her bra, retrieving her cellphone. "I will not grovel like some sinner in church. Are you secretly some kinky priest?" She waved the device at the door guard. The threat was mostly empty. She couldn't really afford to be involved with the authorities and explain why she'd stormed into the building to begin with. The silence grew as she waited with baited breath. Please let this work. Please let this work. She prayed in her mind. "I don't think you understand, Ms. Ari. A man such as myself doesn't aim for success with the idea of only pleasing some of his genuine audience he appeals to. The goal is perfection, and I've had that for ten years until today. I couldn't care less if you were God," He spoke lowly, then said. "If I can't handle a woman with a mouth I shouldn't run a company." Alaric chuckled lowly beneath his breath and rested a fisted hand against his mouth where he bit on each knuckle slowly. This woman surely had an interesting thought process, especially the vocabulary of words she used in a sentence when speaking about him. "A priest?" His naturally almond shaped eyes seemed to almost narrow more than they had, smooth wrinkles scattering at the corner of each eyelid. Another glint of red light flashed onto the surface of those Grey hues from the various city lights flashing through the large floor to ceiling windows. Dark clouds loomed behind him, and when he stepped forward and crossed the room, he'd seemed like he flew down from them; some fallen angel who'd descended from grace. The speed was quick. In one blink he stood in front of her, his hand coiling around her wrist tightly. "I've been many things in my life, but priest isn't one. I've been an angel, helping those in the community stand on their feet. I've been patient, and I've been the devil to those whom I dislike. Being on my bad side isn't where someone would like to stay if they had any sense. Apparently you don't have that. Let me tell you exactly what would've happened had you called the police. They would've come right in here and ignored everything they saw. Why? Because money and fear keeps people's mouths closed." Yanking her lifted arm downward, he forced her onto her knees before him, his gaze glinting in the darkness. "And only an idiot would forget to apologize when they attempted to swindle someone out of their league. If you want a new product, fine. But you won't be getting your money back. Remove your rude comment off my site and all will be forgotten."


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