2 Chapter 2

We walked together to our class but still, I have no word to say. The emotion is mixed. I don't know if I should cry, mad or even happy. I DON'T KNOW!

"Alice, please don't be like this" Harry try to broke the silence.

"Be what?" I looked at him. I saw his deep green eyes. Look worried.

"Harry I'm sicking tired when you bring this topic up. You know I hate it so much." I walked. He stopped me. Hold my shoulder.

"Alice I didn't mean to bring this thing up. I just...afraid of losing you. That's all." I rolled my eyes

"IF YOU AFRAID OF LOSING ME WHY YOU BRING THIS UP!" I shouted. People who talk, shouts and fooling around stoped and everyone looked at us.

The mean girls start to gossip about us same as a cheerleader. I can't help but run to the bathroom and cry. I don't know what I just did. Shout to Harry? Not nice enough but I can't help with that too. It hurts. Like something stabbed me on the chest.

"Oh well well well look who's here guys. A girl who shouts to her boyfriend or I mean 'EX BOYFRIEND'." F*ck. The mean girls and cheerleaders are here. F*ck it. I bravely turned around. Face them.

"For your information, he's not my boyfriend second we only friend," I said but, they laughed.

"HAHA, you mean 'stupid a** friend' huh?" The other mean girl said. They all laughed.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" They stopped and turned around.

"Oh look who to the rescue." They all turned around and gasped to see Harry in the girl bathroom.

With no words has to be said, Harry pushes the mean girls aside. Pull me by his hand, walk out of the bathroom.

He still holding my hand and whispered.

'Don't you ever dare to scream again or I'll slap you're a**' I whispered back.

'Do it' Then he slap my butt. I gasp. Thanks fully nobody around.

"Harry wtf?!" I said to him.

"I thought you are just messing around bro" in the mad tone.

"You make me do it," he said. Still not facing me and squeezed my hand.

"C'mon we are running late" I nod. We're running as fast as we could. There you go, class, with no teacher aGaIn!

Harry shake his head and pull me to the classroom. As we got in, they noticed that he's holding my hand.

"OH WELL WELL WELL SOMEBODY JUST DATE OVER HERE!" One of our jerk classmates said. Everyone laughed. Harry doesn't seem care so, he pulls me to the back seat and starts to do his own thing. Yet not talking to me.