7 To the hospital! part - 1

Hi people! Here's another piece.

Today I'm taking Babushka for her health check up. Take it away author.

Anastasia: Babushka come on down already! We're gonna be late for the appointment.

Mariya: Wait a second will ya lass! I'm trying to get ready here. oh my! This make up stuff is just so confusing. And this girl she doesn't even help this old heart. Well to be frank a charming old heart. hehe

Anastasia: Babushka, why do you need to dress up to go to the hospital??

Mariya: Oh what do you know, kitty? The rules that life has set forth. We always have to remember that life is a battlefield and only the strongest and most prepared wins the war. * talking to the mirror as she admires her looks*

Anastasia: *rolls eyes* Uhum.....and may I know what this new fabel this is, nona? *raises eyebrows*

Mariya: oh lad, what do you kno- * babushka sees Anastasia* Seriously, you're going like that?

Anastasia: Going like what?

Mariya: Like that! oh come on lass. People are already confusing you for my sister, you don't want them to confuse you for my mother do you?

Anastasia: um yeah no. Babushka, We are not going to a fashion show. We are going to the hospital to get you all checked up. To make sure you will stay alive to make my life more miserable and stuff. And dressing up is the least required necessity.

Babushka: Oh lass.. you don't realise do ya? THE WORLD IS FULL OF POSSIBILITIES. Anything could happen. Anywhere. Anytime.

You should be ready gurl!

Anastasia: Ready for what, Nona? Eloping with the doctor? lmao

Mariya: *rolls eyes* humph! what would you know? Ignorant brat.

Anastasia: Okay babushka we gotta go!

Mariya: whatever *rolls eyes*

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