1 A meet and greet

Hello people! this is me the lousy MC of this novel. I am Anastasia and I live in a Russian family. And yup you read the title right this comic is about my pretty savage Babushka.

And by savage I mean-

Helloooo Peopleeeeee! it's me! the heroine of the story.

Privyet Babushka -_-

yes guys meet my Nona, Mariya.

Psst~ Babushka it's not heroine it's MC an M C and do you mind not being this umm...cheery? it doesn't give the vibe.

Nobody cares slatherbrain.

Now my darl'ns where were we.

Ah yes! privyet my dears as I was saying I am the HEROINE *looks at Anastasia while lowering her glasses to the bridge of her nose* *Anastasia sighs* of this story and be ready to witness my perfect life of bliss~

See you in the next chapter! Toodles~~

*whispers* Anastasia don't be impolite!!

Yes guys be ready to witness my grandma making my life living hell. see you soon bye. *sighs*

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