My adventurous journey in another world

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What is My adventurous journey in another world

Read ‘My adventurous journey in another world’ Online for Free, written by the author ArunaAc89655794, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: She wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and remembers God sent her into another world and told her to livHershe wanted. ...


She wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and remembers God sent her into another world and told her to livHershe wanted. she was the CEO of her company. In her previous life, her parents die in a car accident and her relatives sent her to the orphanage so, she was determined to be a successful person. In this life, she was the daughter of the current king and magic and cultivation both is possible to use so she decide to overpower herself but not long after her one-year birthday she suffered from cold cleaning sensation, which is said to be impossible to cure and one old man, who is previous head of the magic tower offer to cure her but for that, there is one condition, that is to send her with him with the help of long-term care she be can cure a.the king don't have any option but to sent her... She went with an old man who give her medicine and acupuncture and also teaches her magic, potion making, tools making, summon magic....etc, she trains herself and went to deogen for physical training and after she is about right-year-old she saw some people using cultivation. she asked the old man to teach her cultivation after that she focus on cultivation. the old man gives her cultivation books but that was not effective so she uses the status board for effective methods to cultivate herself. after 10yrs old she returns from the forest she begins to start to go school by disguising herself as a not only is she popular she is very overwhelmed by her power .but nobody knows that she is the daughter of the King .she is the daughter of the current king and not only is the daughter she is the only daughter. all 4 children of King were boys became of which all members of the family want to spoil her.

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The storyline is pretty good but the vague concept of both magic and cultivation has a downside in it. I don't know how you will make a equal tiers between magic and cultivation. I also doubt about the lifespan of both system as cultivation increases lots of lifespan on one advancement. .. But hats off for trying. .keep it up


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