Mushoku Tensei: Second Son

A young high school boy, Ren Nakamura, known for his empathy with the side of stubbornness, sacrifices himself to save a girl from assailants, which leads to his death. Suddenly, he awakens in a mysterious new world, reincarnated as the second son of the Greyrat family and the third younger sibling of Rudeus Greyrat.

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Seeking Answers and Disclosing the Truth

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for had arrived.

As I faced Perugius, the Armored Dragon King, anticipation was coursing through my veins like a raging river. For so long, I had grappled with mysteries and pressure, trying to make sense of the confusion caused by the radiant light that separated me from my loved ones. Now, in this throne room, I was determined to find the answers I so desperately sought.

Taking a deep breath, I readied myself to voice my queries.

"Good day, Sir Perugius. I would like to know if you have any information regarding the recent mana disruption."

"Oh? What about it you'd like to know?" he inquired, his interest piquing slightly.

Hearing his question, I continued recounting my story.

"Well, you see, I was going about my day with my family when unexpectedly I was caught in a blinding light that transported me into an unfamiliar place. It has left me utterly confused, so please share any insights you have."

Perugius regarded my words with keen interest. His golden sanpaku eyes reflected a depth of wisdom and understanding that sent a shiver down my spine. Moments later, he broke the silence and spoke.

"Dante Greyrat, as much as it astonishes me, you appeared to be smarter than an average child. You articulate your words quite well and your circumstances caught my interest. So, to answer your question, yes, I do know something about this mana disruption you speak of."

"Wait, truly?"


With his confirmation, a surge of hope filled my heart. Finally, after enduring the uncertainty, I might find out the truth behind the bizarre events that had turned my world upside down.

"If that's the case, what is it then?" I asked, pressing the matter further.

Considering his next response, Perugius leaned back on his throne and contemplated. After a moment of silence, he began to speak again.

"The mana disruption that happened recently is called the Metastasis Event."

I was taken aback by the term and my eyes widened in stupefaction and disbelief.

"Metastasis Event? What is that?" I echoed, my voice tinged with urgency.

"It is a phenomenon where a massive surge of mana causes widespread teleportation across vast distances," Perugius explained. "Every single living being within the radius of the event is relocated to a random location, often associated with someone summoning an entity into our world."

"Summoning an entity? What could that be?" I pressed further, wanting more information.

Perugius shrugged, appearing clueless about the question. "Who knows? It could be a fiend, or maybe a spirit. Or perhaps... a human would be the subject of this certain matter."

With those words, the king's eyes shifted sideways. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened when I noticed Nanahoshi. My blood went cold upon realizing something was not right about this whole situation.


Wait, no way. What is this? Is he implying that Nanahoshi was summoned to this world and caused the Metastasis event, the phenomenon that separated me from my family? My mind raced with possibilities and questions.

How could she be linked to this catastrophic event? But she seemed lost and confused, not knowing what we were talking about.

Nanahoshi, noticing our gazes, darted between me and Perugius with a mixture of confusion and apprehension. {"What? Why are you both looking at me like that? Hey, Dante. Did he say something that made you stare at me?"}

Realizing she couldn't understand the situation, I knew I had to translate the conversation into Japanese for her. I turned to Nanahoshi, my expression was serious yet gentle.

{"Nanahoshi, Perugius mentioned something called the Metastasis Event. It's a phenomenon that causes widespread teleportation, and he thinks it might be connected to someone being summoned to this world, which is you."}

Her eyes widened in shock, her confusion deepening. {"Wait, are you saying... I might be the cause of this?"} 

{"I have no idea, but I need to learn more about this event before we jump to conclusions."} I reassured, trying to calm ourselves.

Nanahoshi nodded as she waited for me to gather more information regarding the Metastasis event. I turned my attention back to Perugius, who was watching our exchange with interest. 

"It seems you both are using a language foreign to this world. Do you mind telling me what are two talking about?" he asked, seemingly skeptical of our interaction. 

"She is just confused about the current situation, Sir Perugius. I was merely translating our conversation for her because she doesn't speak the common language of this world."

Perugius nodded thoughtfully. "I see, so that means this girl isn't from around here, correct?"

"I'm afraid so," I confirmed. "She came from a place called Japan. But for some reason, she was transported to this world, perhaps through summoning like you had suggested."

"Interesting," Perugius murmured, his eyes narrowing as he pondered the implications. "If she is indeed from another world, that would explain the unprecedented scale of the Metastasis Event. Such disruptions are rare and usually not as extensive as this."

"That seems to be the case," I concurred.

Perugius then went silent for a moment, regarding me with narrowed eyes. Before long, he resumed speaking. "You know what bothers me, Dante?"

"What is it, Sir?" I asked, feeling uneasy about where this conversation was leading.

The Armored Dragon King leaned forward and spoke, "How come you knew about the origin of this girl, let alone the language she was using? Do you mind explaining yourself?"

I hesitated, debating whether or not I would reveal my true identity to Perugius. However, if I refuse to answer his question and lie about it, they might punish me.

Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself to spill the beans. "To be honest, I also came from the same world as Nanahoshi."

"Oh, is that so?" Perugius leaned forward, his interest was piqued. "Then tell me more about your situation, Dante."

Nervously, I recounted my previous life, describing how I tried to save a girl from a group of thugs which led to my death and subsequent reincarnation as a newborn baby. I detailed the peculiar circumstances of my rebirth and how I retained my memories from my past life.

Perugius listened intently, his expression one of deep contemplation. When I finished, he sat back, his eyes thoughtful and understanding.

"So, both of you come from the same world," he mused. "One was summoned and the other was reincarnated. I supposed you two were indeed significant like Orsted has suggested."

I turned to my side and saw Orsted, silently listening to our conversation. The whole time, he didn't bother interjecting or voicing his opinion. Perhaps, this person truly is socially inept.


Meanwhile, Nanahoshi approached me with a mix of concern and apprehension evident on her face. Her steps were quick, but she attempted to maintain her composure.

{"What now, Dante? Did you get any information about my summoning?"}

I turned to her, sensing the underlying anxiety in her voice. {"Not yet, Nanahoshi. I was just finishing explaining to Perugius about our origins and how we ended up in this world."}

{"I see,"} she responded, taking a deep breath. {"Please ask him how can I go home."}

I nodded, understanding her desire to find a way back to her world. Shifting my attention to the Armored Dragon King, I conveyed Nanahoshi's request.

"Sir Perugius, my friend here wishes to know if there is a way for her to return to the previous world," I explained, hoping for a favorable response.

The king listened to my translation, his expression unreadable as he considered Nanahoshi's request. After a moment of silence, he finally spoke, his voice echoing throughout the room.

"The matter of returning to your previous world is not a simple one," Perugius began, his tone serious. "It requires vast knowledge and understanding in summoning magic to achieve it."

His words hung heavy in the air, feeling disappointed as I weighed the implications. Returning home wouldn't be as straightforward as we hoped. Turning back to Nanahoshi, I noticed the crestfallen expression that clouded her features. 

{"So, what did he say?"} she asked, her tone seeming desperate for answers.

I sighed heavily, trying to find the right words to narrate Perugius's response to her. {"Well... He said it's not easy. It requires vast knowledge in summoning magic to find a way back."}

With those words, Nanahoshi nodded slowly, her disappointment evident, but she somewhat understood the gravity of the situation.

{"I understand, Dante. Thank you for trying,"} she replied, her voice tinged with a trembling voice, her entire body quivering slightly.

Seeing her reaction, I felt a pang of guilt and sympathy. She had come a long way, hoping to find explanations, only to realize that the path home was still out of reach.

With a heavy heart, I turned my attention back to Perugius, determined to keep searching for a solution, for Nanahoshi's sake.

"Sir Perugius, you said it requires vast knowledge and understanding in summoning magic to return to the other world, right? Perhaps, you can assist us since you're quite proficient with summoning magic."

The king considered my request, but he shook his head, "I'm afraid I cannot do that."

"Eh? Why?" I pressed onward, wondering why he refused.

Perugius sighed wearily as leaned back to his throne. "For you see, returning a person from another world is beyond my capabilities. It was simply unnecessary for my cause."

Disheartened by the dragon king's refusal, a tinged of frustration swirled within me. Despite the setback, I refused to give up. 

"If that's the case, perhaps there is something we could do to make it possible. Like we could learn to summon ourselves and hopefully find a way to go back to the other world."

Perugius looked at me thoughtfully, a slight smirk appearing on his face as he considered my suggestion. "You're exceptionally persistent, Dante. Most kids your age would have given up this conversation by now. But you stubbornly kept on moving forward."

Hearing his remark, I steadied my breath, trying to remain composed. "Naturally, I won't give up just yet. I aspire to be a hero someday, and helping my friend return home is just the first step in achieving it."

"A hero, you say?" Perugius mused, entertained by my words as he leaned forward. "What a noble aspiration. Very well, I can offer guidance on where you might find the knowledge you both desire."

The king's willingness to give us advice sparked a glimmer of hope within me. I turned to Nanahoshi and told her about this. The light in her eyes returned upon hearing the news.

{"Really? There is a chance? What is it then? Hey, tell me,"} she asked excitedly, placing her hands on my shoulder and began shaking wildly.

Feeling dizzy by her action, I begged her to stop. {"Oi, Nanahoshi, calm down, will you! How am I supposed to know what to do if you keep shaking me like that?"}

{"Ah, sorry,"} Nanahoshi stopped, her hand letting go of my shoulder.

With my head still spinning from her vigorous shaking, I turned back to Perugius, eager to hear his guidance on where to start our journey in studying summoning magic.

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