84 Preserving The Bloodline

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Seeing his old body up close, barely recognizable as it is nothing but bones, made him feel very complicated.

After all it's not everyday you see yourself as a dead corpse, a skeleton. The only thing that he really recognizes is his lab coat, although it's filled with holes, it's still recognizable to him, not to mention. There's still a name tag in the lab coat.

Amamiya Gorou.

There was no denying it, this was him. A lifetime ago, he didn't know what to feel at the moment, was he going to cry?

Nope, he wasn't. While he was getting sentimental, due to the fact that his corpse lay in front of him, it wasn't enough to make him weep or something, how strange normal people would do such.

But he figured he wasn't, so no he wasn't gonna cry, because thanks to the fact that he died. He received another chance at life, and as much as he cared to admit, he likes this life more than his life as Amamiya Gorou, frankly his life as the doctor was plain.

Simple as that, his life as Gorou was ordinary, and nothing sort of special significance.

However, his sister was different. As soon as she recognized that it was her 'sensei' she started becoming emotional and started weeping at the sight of his corpse.

The detective misunderstood the cause of Ruby's crying, and looked at his biological father. "S-sir, I think it scared your daughterā€¦perhaps you shouldā€¦"

"No, no it's fine let her cry, also could you give us a few minutes of privacy if that's too much to ask?" His father politely answered, perhaps afraid to be misunderstood as uncaring about his sister's predicament.

The detective hesitated as he was looking at Ruby, then to his father and ultimately he relented with a deep sigh. "O-of course, please call me when you're done."

But before leaving, Aqua swore he heard the detective mutter. "What a cold hearted bastardā€¦such a sight shouldn't be seen by toddlers."

And left, leaving them in private.

Aqua shook his head and thought. 'That would have been the case if we were ordinary toddlers, but we aren'tā€¦'

He was sure that his biological father heard those comments as well, but didn't pay it any heed, and so he will do the same, as it isn't important.

So, he continued observing her sister weeping at his corpse and made him realize that he's that important to her to the point he could cause extreme emotional distress from his sister-, no Sarina.

Which means, her crush on his old body was probably genuine, and suddenly a random thought appeared in his mind. 'If I recalled I promised to give her a chance to date, if she were 16, her old body didn't last that long, however this body will surely reach that age, maybe I could-'

Aqua thought suddenly paused and the next second his face burned, as he realized what the hell he was thinking.

'What am I thinking?! Did I just entertain the idea of dating MY OWN SISTER?! Amamiya Gorou! Wake up! She's your biological sister!' It made his own face even become redder.

His biological father noticed this and said. "Oi, Aqua are you alright? Your face is so red that it resembles a tomato, are you sick perhaps?"

Then a massive hand reached his forehead and after a few seconds, he continued. "You're not sickā€¦strange, what's the reason why you're so damn redā€¦perhaps you're thinking of something lewd did you..?"

"S-shut it! Let's not talk about it!" Aqua snapped at his biological father.

Alex frowned at his strong reaction, however decided not to persuade it, which made Aqua sigh in relief.

Either, he should stop thinking such things, like forever is possible.


I don't know what Aqua thought about, for him to have such a strong reaction, while I'm curious. It's probably best not to think about it.

In my left arm, Ruby continued to weep at the corpse of her 'sensei', although I don't know what's their relationship in their past life is, however I do know that it's probably more than acquaintance, for her to weep at his corpse, there's no mere acquaintance would react strongly like this.

Perhaps, both were friends, or maybe lovers? But I have a feeling that it wasn't the case, a crush..?

Hm, yeah that's more like itā€¦

Wait a minute, I looked at Ruby and then to Aqua, I did it a few more times and a lightbulb appeared above my head. 'Is this a start of an incest story?!'

That revelation caused my jaw to drop. I know this seems like a crazy theory, but the more I think about it, the more plausible it becomes.

I stared at both the children and cried inside. 'I know there's a saying, keep the royal bloodline pure, but damn they don't have to make it literal!'

Honestly, if that were to happen. I wasn't really sure what to do, should I be against it or not..?

And to be honest, I'm leaning at the latter choice, to be honest incest isn't that rare in the moonlit world, because some families wanted to keep their bloodline pure and it's not an exaggeration that it is a common practice.

Still incestā€¦imagine Lorelei and Iā€¦

A second later, I felt like puking, thinking about that scenario scares- no, terrified me, don't get me wrong I love my sister, she's beautiful, kind (mostly) and generous.

But thinking anything sexual about her is wrongā€¦not to mention, thinking about that and thinking she made me do, as a child, for that sake of 'advancement' makes my trauma of that time activate.

You don't underestimate trauma, trust me they are hard to deal with, you'll never know what it feels until you experience it yourself.

(A/N: I have a astraphobia myself, I didn't know that I have until last year, a sign of raining and a strong wind could scare the fuck of out of me, I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I have a headset on, while it isn't a trauma, phobia still counts.)

Forcing myself to calm down, and thinking 'You can do this Alex, that was before, you're stronger than her now.'

And just like that, I stopped trembling.

It was quite a pathetic display, but somehow it didn't feel bad, because I managed to overcome my childhood trauma against my dearest sister, even if it wasn't a complete victory.

That's why I will always respect Shirou for gaining the affection of a disaster equivalent to a dragon, that is my sister.

Either way, it seemed that my daughter stopped weeping, quickly I materialized a handkerchief using my magic and started wiping her tears and snot.

And she looked annoyed, but didn't say to stop, otherwise I would, actually I won't, even if she did, there's no way I'd let her look like a mess.

"You okay..?" I asked.

"Sniff* yeah, I'm fineā€¦" Ruby replied.

I smiled and replied. "Good, you don't have to worry, it's not like you can't see again, he's literally your twin brother, your emotional outburst is quite unnecessary.."

Like a deer caught in headlights, her little cheeks became flustered. "W-what's wrong with being emotional?!"

"There's nothing wrong with being emotional, it's just you really went and cried, knowing that the person who previously lived in this corpse is literally beside you, I wonder what he would feel that you cried for him, is he pleased or perhaps weird out?" After pointing that point, Ruby becomes more flustered and quickly towards them, or specifically toward Aqua.

"S-sensei! T-that was nothing! Please forget what you saw! You saw nothing!"

Hearing that unreasonable request, Aqua stuttered and replied. "W-what there's no way I could forget about! Don't be unreasonable besides it's you who started crying!"

Ruby, before , more embarrassed and more desperate to conceal her earlier actions to her 'crush', she looked at me and said. "You magic that can erase memories right?!"

"I do."

"Then erase his memories about me crying!" Ruby pleaded at me.

Then Aqua looked at her and me, in horror and said. "Y-you wouldn't do that right?"

Amused by both of them, I let out a chuckle. "No, I won't, listen Ruby, you must face the consequences of your actions, because sometimes there's 'if', you must accept the fact that you can't change the past."

My answer caused Aqua's relief and Ruby despair, however she wasn't done just yet, her last attempt was something I didn't anticipate.

With a cute pout, tears filled eyes she said. "Papa, pleaseā€¦"

My parental instinct flared up at my daughter's expression, like a cannon head in my heart, I almost got charmed.

With great difficulty, I replied. "No."

And after that, her earlier expression disappeared completely replaced by a scowl and pout. "Hmp!"

With a strained smile, I thought. 'Holy shit, that was so close, it is no wonder father's are usually trapped within the thumb of their daughter's finger, too strong. I should consider buying immunity to charm at this point..'

That also made me realize that Ruby is naturally talented in acting or else, she wouldn't be able to make a very convincing act like that.

And that moment, I've learned that daughters are dangerous.


A/N: I've seem to recall about a comment about spoiling the twins, well to answer your question, while I might spoil them, it isn't to the point where it would change their character, I wouldn't want them to become young masters, arrogant, believing is beneath them, thinking they can have anything. I hate things like that. I've read a particular set of fanfic that just did that. It was annoying. It used to be my favorite fanfic but it was ruined by a spoiled child.

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