116 Setting Each Foot In A Different Boat

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Ye Qiao's blood was boiling as she listened to what Li Yun said while gazing at her fond expression!

She could not believe that bitch, Li Yun, yearned for her Brother Xiao! It was no longer a surprise to herΒ why Li Yin was always jealous of Ye Qiao... Apparently, it was because she was Lu Beixiao's wife! She had already fallen for him at that time!

"What a bitch!" Ye Qiao lost control and cursed!

Yearning for her man was worse than causing her to be imprisoned! In fact, most of the misunderstandings between Lu Beixiao and Ye Qiao were because of that fake bitch!

"Are you talking about Lu Beixiao, Li Yun?" Ye Qiao tried to calm her anger and asked.

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That stupid girl was not as dumb as she thought. She guessed it right! Indeed, she liked Lu Beixiao. She even sacrificed her image for the sake of getting that photo from a schoolmate who was in the same cohort as Lu Beixiao just to see his picture.

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