67 Am I That Kind Of Person?

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Ye Qiao thought to herself that it must be evil Uncle Du Jun who was getting in their way!

"It's a holiday!"

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"Holiday? For how many days?" Ye Qiao was excited like a little teddy bear, pulling his wrist and jumping around him.

He looked at her and put up his right hand with his thumb and pinky out.

"Wow! Six days?!" Ye Qiao jumped with excitement.

"Six hours!" He looked at her and continued, "It has already been one and a half hours!"

'Six days in my dreams!'

Ye Qiao was disappointed, and her head drooped. "We can't even do anything in such a short time!"

Suddenly, someone opened the fire escape door, and a garish figure came in. He turned around immediately upon catching a glance at the couple. "Ah, PG-18!"

"Hey, hey, hey, please behave! This is our own hotel; if there is an inspection, you will be in huge trouble!"

Once again, Lu Beixiao had the urge to kill this idiot.

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