2 Fiancée

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"No matter what... No matter what, you still saved me. You..." Fu Sen wanted to ask for the name of his benefactor so that he could repay this favor in future, but he toppled over before he could complete his sentence.

Zhou Yun looked at the blood on the ground and at the unconscious Fu Sen. She scowled and shouted, "Uncle Ning, throw this person out."

Uncle Ning, who had been at the back, heard Zhou Yun's voice and immediately went forward to carry him. However, just as he was about to throw him out, Uncle Ning couldn't bear it and said, "Miss, this person doesn't look like a bad person. If we throw him out, he will probably die overnight."

Zhou Yun looked coldly at Uncle Ning, the old man she had hired to guard the nunnery for her mother.

Uncle Ning knew that he had said too much, so he quickly shut up and resigned himself to throwing Fu Sen out of the courtyard. At that moment, a gust of wind blew and one of the candles in front of the memorial tablet went out.

Zhou Yun looked at the already-darkened sky and was about to light it again.

"Miss, the ancients had a saying that the dead, too, have feelings about the world," Uncle Ning immediately said. "I think that perhaps Madam is kind-hearted and is using the putting out of the candle to plead for mercy on behalf of this young man."

Zhou Yun looked at her mother's memorial tablet and muttered, "Can they really feel it?"

"Yes, yes," Uncle Ning, who had sharp ears, promptly replied.

Zhou Yun blinked and turned around. "Since it's my mother's wish, then let him stay."

This fellow was lucky to have collapsed in the nunnery.

Uncle Ning happily helped Fu Sen to Zhou Yun's small operating room. Zhou Yun asked Uncle Ning to go out and quickly sterilized some tools.

After the anesthesia was applied, Zhou Yun moved swiftly with the knife. She speedily removed the bullet from his abdomen, and disinfected and sutured the wound, her movements fluid and smooth.

After that, Zhou Yun fed Fu Sen a pill and smiled. "You're lucky, kid. My mother just said a word, and you took my pill worth 1 million yuan."

As she spoke, Zhou Yun pinched Fu Sen's chin and sized him up. "You're not bad looking. My mother can't have taken a fancy to your face, right?"

After saying that, Zhou Yun removed her gloves and reminded Uncle Ning to tidy up before she left the nunnery.

It was only the following day that Zhou Yun followed her father to the so-called Zhou family.

The sharp sound of porcelain shattering echoed throughout the villa, followed by a loud and furious roar, "Dream on! There is only one eldest daughter of the Zhou family, and that is Zhou Cha. If Zhou Yun wants to enter, let me tell you, no way!"

Zhou De looked at his unreasonable mother and flared up slightly. He, who had always spoken gently, raised his voice and said angrily, "Mom, Yun is my biological daughter, your biological granddaughter. No matter what you say today, I will make Yun enter our Zhou family's genealogy!"

The old lady's eyes instantly sharpened. Her obedient son had actually disobeyed her for the sake of Zhou Yun, this little b*tch.

The old lady's venomous eyes looked viciously at Zhou Yun. As expected, her appearance was as annoying as her mother's. She gritted her teeth and snapped, "Unless I die, Zhou Yun will never be able to enter the genealogy."

Zhou Cha, who was at the side, quickly went forward to support the old lady with a worried expression and said gently, "Grandma, Sister is a descendant of the Zhou family after all. It's so pitiful to be homeless."

The old lady snorted. "The Zhou family's flesh and blood, my foot!! She's not worthy."

Zhou Cha immediately pulled at the old lady and tried her best to signal with her eyes, "Grandma, Sister is the eldest daughter of the Zhou family and Young Master Fu's fiancée. Have you forgotten?"

Liu Huan's cloudy eyes shifted slightly, and she immediately understood what her precious granddaughter meant. She looked at Zhou Cha with satisfaction and nodded. As expected of the granddaughter she had personally taught; she had such a brilliant mind.

Liu Huan reached out her hand. At once, Zhou Cha respectfully helped her to sit on the armchair.

When Zhou De heard Zhou Cha's words, he instantly frowned and said unhappily, "What fiancée? Don't think I don't know that the person the Fu family has in mind when coming to propose marriage is Cha. What does this have to do with Yun?"

Chen Shu didn't speak, but her expression was also unusually ugly. Who wasn't aware that this Young Master Fu was a brainless rich playboy and a cripple as well.

Zhou Cha frowned slightly and said with a troubled and resigned expression, "Dad, if you insist on me marrying over, I'm naturally willing to do so. As long as I can bring the Zhou family's business to the next level, as long as Grandma can worry less and live a comfortable life, I'm willing to do anything."

As she spoke, Zhou Cha looked at Liu Huan with tears in her eyes and wept, "Grandma, in the past ten years, you're the one who's made me feel kinship. Sometimes, I really envy my sister for having a biological grandmother like you."

Liu Huan looked at Zhou Cha, whose eyes were red, and felt her heart ache. She immediately said, "Cha, what are you talking about? You are my granddaughter. How could Grandma bear to let you suffer in someone else's place?"

After saying that, Liu Huan raised her eyes and said, "This marriage was decided by the elders ten years ago. As the eldest daughter of the Zhou family, Zhou Yun should fulfill the marriage between the eldest daughter of the Zhou family and Young Master Fu. Otherwise, people will say that our Zhou family didn't keep our promise."

"Mom, Yun and Cha have the same birthday. Why do you maintain that Yun is the eldest daughter? Besides, after so many years, who doesn't know that Zhou Cha is the eldest daughter of the Zhou family? Isn't it considered fraud if you change the party involved now?" Zhou De said resentfully.

Faced with his mother's fierce gaze, Zhou De, who was eager to protect his daughter, did not flinch at all. "In the past, when the Fu family did not mention marriage, you let Cha carry the title of the eldest daughter of the Zhou family with a clear conscience. Now that you've run into some issues, you're pushing my daughter forward. Let me tell you, there's no way!"

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