Mr. CEO sweet lover: Little bundle of joy
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Mr. CEO sweet lover: Little bundle of joy


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What is Mr. CEO sweet lover: Little bundle of joy

Read Mr. CEO sweet lover: Little bundle of joy novel written by the author toriatim on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering action, comedy, sweetlove, arrangedmarriage. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"When I tell you that I love you, I don't say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that has ever happened to me" --- She was forced to marry this strange man because of one night stand which changed her life completely. His family wanted from him a child, so they arranged a marriage for the both of them. Li xiao tried everything to get away from him, but he only told her that she will never leave unless she gave birth to his child. Unknowingly to her, this strange man is the richest man in G city. He was more handsome and compelling and his dignity made him more arrogant looking while she is just the heiress of the xiao family. He had an impeccable reputation. All the women in the world would scream desperately when they saw him, but she didn't. Jingyi Wang cared and treated her like a Queen. He made her the envy of all the women, but there was one problem- she never loved him because her heart belongs to only one person. But this jingyi was just too sweet to her. He used his possessive love and supreme power lure her heart step by step. --- "Si... Sir... Young master Wang, please, I can't give birth to your child. There are other women in the city. I don't think I fit your status" li xiao said and lowered her head. Jingyi put his bony fingers under her chin and lifted her delicate face. He gazed into his eyes and said, "I want only you to give birth to my child" Tags- CEO, Romance, forced marriage, adorable child, childhood sweetheart, sweet love. Note: This is an ordinary story by me (Toriatim) and not a translation. The cover is not mine. Credit to the owner. Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/RvPutEhc


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Hi guys, this is the author of this book and I'm shamelessly reviewing on my own story... Hehehe. Hopefully this review might answer your questions. First, the FMC is an independent and strong woman. She will not depend on the MMC for anything, but will still need his support. Second, The FMC just wants to live a happy and simple life and didn't depend on her parents wealth. Third, The MMC is a person who cares so much about the FMC and won't hesitate to go to any length to protect his woman. Fourth, You might find the FMC annoying, but you will later love her. Fifth, No rape. No cheating. No evil mother or mother in law. In this novel, you will find a funny and stubborn FMC and a shameless, cute MMC. Sixth, I'm not a professional writer, so there will be a LOT of grammar mistakes... Hahaha. Sixth, The FMC quite has a temper, so please bare with her and if you can't, don't read the novel. If you don't like the novel, you can move to another novel. Sixth, if you like this novel, I'm shamelessly asking you to leave a review, a comment and send some power stones. This would so much help the author and the book (~_^) Much love Toriatim^_^


Soo... I will completely be honest. I got this book from my recommendations... So, I clicked on it, just to give it a try and when I read the synopsis... Just from the synopsis l, I felt the need of reading it... And I read it but, I never knew that this book would make me laugh, cry or even at times would make me angry seeing the childish nature of the two leads... But, I guess this all happens only when you wanna create a good piece!! And so, I thought of giving it a review just to let others know how good this book is... It truly is an amazing book... I find the names of the true leads connecting one another nicely... Author has really written it well, I can imagine the scenes in my head although there are a slight mistakes they still don't effect the meaning of the sentence!! Good writing, Author! ❤❤ Keep up and continue your work.. 🙊🙊 Jiayou!!


Okay, since there are more chapters out now here comes my second review! This story is very good and the plot is very interesting. it definitely deserves a try! Keep up the good work, toriatim 🥰😘


havent really read this book but the blurb lured me in that I won't bait an eye before I reviewed this book. great words and grest cover. This will be promising, very sure.


What a cute and lovely story, to notice that just scroll the first chapter then you would grasp it.....[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Though the premise is a wee bit weak, the story is good over all. It's your standard CEO fix, and if you like the sweet girl with forceful type of guy.. then it's probably for you.


Author-nim is the best... <3 Author-nim writes well and makes people understand well. Author-nim's works are amazing and I love this book a lot. I read it whenever, I have a off mood and it brightens me up due to all that humor and cuddly romance in the book. I previously wrote a review but I guess that wasn't enough, So, Imma write again!! And yes, Author-nim is very very kind, always filling up my notification box with her sweet care :) :) (Thank you for that) If you haven't read this book, start reading it now TT Have a good day, Author-nim.


i haven't read that much but i am already hooked in! honestly the author said that she was no pro-writer but naaah, she is doing so good. applause to the author ❤




So~ firstly, the synopsis is captivating. You immediately get looped in once you read it and after reading the chapters I was certain it was going to be an entertaining read. The story is interesting and you totally want to know what happens next. Also, the writing style is awesome ❤️😍 I liked it, it was easy to read and it's smooth. Writing Quality matters as it ensure readability. So, it's a good in here! The story is interesting and the author is talented! Do give it a read :)


♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ love the flow of the story💞💞💞💞💞💞 please update more .....this story is sooooooooo woooooooow ...its seems like we may meet a love triangle some where,.....................


There are only 4 chapters out so far, but the story is really good! I cant wait for more chapters to be released 😊 the author is also amazing and so is her writing! Do give this story a try 🥰😘


The story is nice but because of the slow updates it's boring I mean you need to wait for more than two days for update .please update more often so that the story may come to life thx


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