MoonLotus- Saga of love and fate
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MoonLotus- Saga of love and fate


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What is MoonLotus- Saga of love and fate

MoonLotus- Saga of love and fate is a popular web novel written by the author Shasya_Pamin, covering Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 17.1K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 11 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Among the folds of thousand lotus there lies the myth of Moonlotus possessing the dual power of yin and yang. Far away from the divine beings borns the mortal whom the moonlotus chooses as its vessel. Anchhi is not your classical heroine. Clear, kind and witty, she is popular among her classmates. But her life gets tangled when she finds herself transmigrated to Gua empire. There she tends to discover unfold secrets of her former life and the mystery behind her mysterious birthmark. On the other hand, Shuo Jin is a raised assassin whose only goal was to slaughter the royal family. Outcasted and detained by his own family members, he decided to rebel against them. What will happen if they cross each other’s path? But things are not what they appear to be. Their past lives hold a deep secret and they are bound to meet in future as blood thirst enemy. Therefore, their encounter in each other’s life seemed to have interfered in each other’s fate. Is it their destiny’s game play? Or is it a path to recuperate their interwined fate? Be ready to witness the saga of love and fate revolving around the three realms. The cover above belongs to their respective owner. I do not own the rights! Note: This is an original work. Not a translation! This novel only belongs to webnovel.com. *** Hi my lovely readers! This novel is WSA 2021 entry for fantasy romance. If you like it then support it by voting, adding it to your library, and giving your reviews in the comment section. Your single support means a lot to me.^•^ Happy reading!>3

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The novel is beautiful and I love the title of your novel! The synopsis is great too, and yeah also the Chapters are good! Your writing is professional, anyways overall it's fine! Good luck! Waiting for other Chapters!😄


You have written the story so nicely!😄 And I am quite excited for the next chapters!😍 Want to know when the male lead will be shown in the story hehe! But more than that I need to have patience😁😁 And I am expecting so much from your novel I hope you will update on daily basis☺️❤️ Best wishes!✌️


Positive note from author: Hello everybody ! For a minute i would like to draw your attention. It really feels great when someone loves your work and here I am feeling grateful towards each and everyone of you for the immense love and support you guys have been showering me with!!!!❤️❤️ #Grateful #thankful #gratitude🤍 I hope you will continue supporting me with all your spark of love in this journey of mine!😄 Lots of love!🤗 Stay safe and enjoy my chapters!❤️


WOW GREAT GO AHEAD 🥰 SO DEEP LOVE IS EXPRESSED IN STORY PLEASE GIVE CONTINUITY TO IT LOVE FROM USA 🇺🇸 This story shows anchhi as unconditionally unconditional kind hearted ❤ and I hope next chapters would be more interesting 😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


Wow your writing is amazing 👏😍This story is soo good please keep writing so that I could read its all parts I am feeling so happy 😊because of this story it is proved love is unconditional 😊 Thank you Keep writing ✍🇳🇵🥳


I can't stop thinking about your book, to the point where it's keeping me hooked all day and night, and i am so excited on what will happen next🤩🤩 I wish i could write like you!🤧


What an amazing story!!👏 The plot is maintained so well😀 i am looking forward to your next chapters and the twist and turns🤩 Best of luck author🥳🥰


i love the way you express love here🥰 i loved it and hope to see such more intresting stories from you😍 keep going my loveee❤ Thankyou for this beautiful story!!


Your writing style is quite unique and different form others. Story is also great and it is full of excitement and curiosity and twists. I hope you will not make me disappointed in upcoming story. I am hoping more and more interesting story.


I loved the concept of this novel written very beautifully . Looking forward for more novels of yours like this . ✨❤️#fighting #keepitup ⚖️🙌


Very well written and executed. Story is very interesting with alot of growth potential and I would love to read more. Definitely a good read and you must check it out.😁❤


How beautifully well written!!😍😍 Just amazing!! 🤗 Kuddos to you for writing such good story 🙏 Hoping to read more chapters Best wishes to you🙌


Dear author, You have written your story so well, the main leads are tooo gooddd and the way you describe your characters😍😍❤️ It's definitely a good read ! 😉 You won't regret it So check out this book! 😀


The storyline is so powerful and leaves you with the curiousity on what will happen next!!!😄 I am looking forward for more interesting chapters❤ Good luck my dear author🥰


you have written the story so nicely. keep going and I'm looking forward to your next chapters. Best of luck 🥳🥰


Literally i just started reading this novel from now only and i have been hooked by your story....🤩🤩🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳 Its just tooo good 👏 The dialouges are so pure and touching!! Good job author😃


I can see potential in your story🤩🥰🥳🥳 Its such an amazing story my dear author🤗🦋 I am looking forward for more chapters🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Good luck😄🤗


I really feel good when I read your writing ❤️.I wish you best wishes.You deserve it sneha 🥺. keep shining 🙂 miss Sunshine , your novel really got something 😊


perfect storyline with perfect plot🤩🤩🤩 Loving this book so far🤩🤩 Yes go my dear author!!😍😍 I am eagerly waiting fir more encounters of the ML and FL😍😍 This novel doesn't seem to be a typical one. Try reading it, trust me it's worth your time.🥰


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