Moonlight KissMoonlight Kiss

Moonlight Kiss

by deepu_

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Carla is a simple teenage girl brought up in an orphanage. She is attending the same school sponsored by that orphanage. In the normal routine life of her comes a surprise that she is the niece of her adoptive mother. As if it is not enough she is the princess to two royal communities making her their future queen. When she was adapting to this news, the shock of her life came in full force in the form of a werewolf mate which is not one but two. Should she accept this hidden truth of her life..? Can she turn a blind eye to all these revelations and continue with her current life. As if this is not enough her magical power started increasing day by day. Will she be able to control this power she had obtained or like others, she will succumb by the power and becomes a victim of it.

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